Brass Bands

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by golden_rivet, Jan 21, 2007.

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  1. radio 4 - now !!!
  2. Yeah, was listening while I washed up!

    Why did I just post that? Feck
  3. because you're a sweet bloke really :wink:
  4. Brass Bands are serious stuff round Saddleworth. I used to go out with a girl who's Dad was in the Mossley Prize Band. What a lucky escape that was!

    My Dad's Grandad was in Cheadle Brass Band (as was). He used to get dragged off to Band competitions; usually at Bell Vue. I think listening to the same test pice played 20 odd times had a profound influence on him!

    They do sound good, though; I think.
  5. You've got another fan here too...been playing in brass bands before (1954) and after I left the mob (1963) are a couple of websites that may be of interest to you :lol:
  6. Loved the film"Brassed Off" , Pete Posselthwaite played the Band leader leading a Miners band during the mining troubles in the early 80s , brilliant film , good laugh & very sad at the same time , ended up winning in the Albert Hall , well worth a watch , :wink:

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