Brand spankers and bashtardised already...

Maybe a bit of stupid question but was it a stupid idea to rip the lining out of my lid?... I was told by contacts in the regs that its more comfortable and easier to shape...

Basically am i gonna get some arm strengthening excersizes for it or get labled troop knobber or whatever? :dontknow:
Have your Best shaped but illegally damaged beret for in the field looking warry, buy another from stores for parades etc.
Ask around your Unit, those who aren't going to rip the pish out of you preferably, for their preference on lids.
What???? The queen personally bought that Beret for you, and this is how you repay her........Get on the blower straight away (in phone book under Liz) and appologise profusely.
Then perform your own arm strengething exercises.....better still self flagellation......or if no flages availible masturbation will suffice
Regarding shapping of Berets a little dit:
Twas on an exercise with a bunch of newly passed in their "Oh so proud to be worn Lids" with green fluff that would have been stuck in the stubble of their beards of the right of their faces if their skin had not been so soft and smooth.
Just had a rather satifying cheek rattling blat up and down the Trot at Poole (before the nasty PC brigade brought in the speed limit) Such that all (nearly all) Berets were flapping about like sails ready for the nearest helicopter to land on, when a rather likable bit of skin (read as nieve) ask me how my Beret, rim set regulation 12.7 mm above eyebrow, right hand side still having razor sharp edge which still to this day can be used to shave with, stipulated "commando dip" behing badge, badge growing a forest of verdigree (yes we do work in salt water) was still in perect shape
Well it goes like this.....
Take newly earnt Beret from stores;
Ensure fit is fairly loose, not 'you'll grow into it one day sonny'
Soak in water at 65.4 degrees for 37 mins 18 seconds at a depth of 300mm (failing that wear in bath)
Gently shape to head (Dont pull side down too hard or it will need to be tucked into combat jacket)
Immerse immediatly into freezing water (preferably in water under 3 feet of ice from a hole cut in for the use of)
Immediatly shape on head
After recovering consiousness keep on head
Eat in it, sleep in in, [email protected] misses/girlfriend/oppo in it (this is not part of shapping process, just an occurance of have just earnt it)
Repeat this process 4 times

After wiping the tear from my eye from remembering back to my own time of haveing passed out, I looked up to see mouths gaping and catching flies in the realisation of now being accepted into the inner circle by have learnt the sacred knowledge passed down form old lag to fresh skin

"So thats how you keep the shape of your Beret?" he asked barely able to keep the emotion from his voice

Nah!! I stuck it together with Copydex
Married_to_the_Corps said:
Ok I thought just as much, thanks for that...

If I get caught before hand then it's only a bit of lighthearted phys :thumleft:
More like "when you get caught"

(Maybe posting it on RR was'nt such a good idea eh?)



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