Discussion in 'Charity' started by BFBS, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. BFBS TV and Radio are starting a new annual fundraising event, called The Big Salute. We very much hope you will get involved.

    Five Forces charities will be the beneficiaries:
    Combat Stress
    Veterans Aid
    St Dunstan's
    Headley Court

    The Big Salute website is up and running already, and fundraising events are already starting around the Forces world. It kicks off in earnest on BFBS Radio and TV, though, on Sunday 4th May, with a special programme on BFBS TV, which will also be streamed on the BFBS website so you can watch in the UK, and will continue all the following week worldwide on BFBS Radio (also available in the UK online or on Sky Guide 0211).

    You can donate online from today; buy a wristband or T-shirt online from Monday 21st April; and there'll be some great auction items to bid for in the coming couple of weeks.

    Please spare a moment to look at the website, and tell your friends about the event. Perhaps you'd like to come along to a special CSE Comedy Club night in London on 28th April, for example, all proceeds to The Big Salute? Full details at

    In the past BFBS Radio has supported Wireless For The Blind, but from now on, The Big Salute is the BFBS annual fundraising event, with Forces charities as the beneficiaries.

    We'd appreciate all help in spreading the word, and helping us raise some serious money for some seriously good organisations.


  2. BUMP!!! Because it is a worthwhile cause.

    :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:

  3. Appreciate the bump!


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