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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Oct 29, 2008.

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  1. Anybody actually give a toss that these two over rated,over paid morons have had their comeuppance?
    I for one cant wait to see the back of them,especially Ross. :pukel:
  2. I had never heard of Brand until this morning. His name seems apt though. In Danish brand means FIRE.... :roll:
  4. More BBC tossers... NZ Bootkneck I bet ya thought they were pollies..

    Comedian Russell Brand has quit his BBC radio show while the network has suspended his friend Jonathan Ross over their "gross lapse of taste" in leaving crude messages on the answerphone of actor Andrew Sachs.

    The Radio 2 presenters had joked on air that Brand had slept with the granddaughter of 78-year-old Sachs, who played Spanish waiter Manuel in the classic comedy series "Fawlty Towers", and said he might kill himself after hearing their messages.

    I seem to remember that tosser Ross has had a lot of problems with the BBC over the years. Not that we hear the crap Radio 1 down Radio 2 still get all the rejects from Radio 1?

    Ah the days of pirate radio Radio Caroline, Radio London and even Radio Scotland...

    Is Tony Blackburn, DLT, John Peel, Noel Edmonds still around?

    Best DJ was Kenny Everret.

    Ah think I'll get back to work.......
  5. Ta for that, I left the UK about 15 years ago (Married a Kiwi!! and no her name is not Barbara :farao: ) and hed no interest in following the sad celebs and their feck ups. Googled it in the end, what a pair of @#!$s.
    Met Dave Lee Travis once, he was not bad.
    Don't ask RR member and fellow NZ resident Wet Blobby about Edmunds, his username gives a clue to his relationship with the [email protected]#$. :thumright:
  6. My God, you must lead a very sheltered life.

    Mind you having seen and heard Mr Brand a couple of times (by accident) and I never found him amusing or clever. I see his resignation as no loss to Aunty Beeb, and if they can give Mr Woss the old heave ho too that will be a bonus
  7. Mind you, according to the beeb,s ministry of propaganda, half of the population (ie the young) can't see what the furore is all about! Sez it all really, don't you think?

    I have never recognised either as having entertainment value or talent. If they appear on screen, the channel gets chopped for another.
  8. Can't stand Brand. Gone off Ross.

    Jimmy, sorry to be the one who breaks this to you: Kenny Everett is dead.

    Noel Edmonds did stand in on Drivetime a while back before Chris Evans took over and was v good. Happily listen to him on a Saturday morning.
  9. Good riddance. They both promote yob culture and epitomise the sinking standards of the once universally admired BBC in its increasingly desperate efforts to pander to the 'yoof' element.

    It's a sad reflection of today's society that so many youngsters regard this sort of behaviour as acceptable. If you or I left obscene messages on an OAP's answer phone about one of his female relatives, we'd probably be prosecuted but these overpaid 'celebrities' seem immune; celebrity is everything these days! The main argument by those supporting the pair is that most people didn't hear the original broadcast and only complained after the media stirred it up. Does this mean I shouldn't complain about a so-called 'happy-slapping' incident if I didn't witness the original event? Some people are also questioning the morals of Andrew Sachs' granddaughter in an attempt to justify the pair's reprehensible behaviour, rather like saying a rape victim was 'asking for it'.

    This issue seems to have struck a chord with most decent people. My main concern now is that the Beeb will waste even more of our licence money on investigating/justifying/defending the actions of the pair and their management in its usual arrogant way.
  10. I hope Brand never wants to stand for parliament.
    As he did the HONOURABLE thing and resigned I can think of no party that would want him.
    As for Wossie I hope the beeb use this discretion to terminate his contract and save us licence payers a fortune.
  11. Sorry to be the one that breaks it to you but John Peel is dead too- and that was genuinely sad.

    Ref Mr Edmonds, when I was living in Exeter the NHS suddenly decided that they couldn't afford the new cancer unit at the RDE Hospital. Mr Edmonds, living nearby as he used to, got out his cheque book and paid for the damn wards himself. As far as I'm concerned, that makes up for however irritating people seem to find him. Genuinely top bloke.

    Strange thing is, always found Jonathan Ross very funny- Brand is a waste of space considering he's actually quite bright (as John Peel once said, about Emerson Lake and Palmer, a "tragic waste of talent and electricity").

    But here he has gone well over the line. I think there might be a way back for him from all this, but not for Brand. It's a matter of taste I suppose, but what Ross was thinking here I find difficult to imagine.
  12. I do think it has been jumped on the bandwagon a little.

    I think what they did was a bit beyond a joke and stepped into the line of abusive. (whether I find it funny or not)

    He didn't give his permission for it to be aired so it shouldn't have been aired. Everyone that gets pranked or has been pranked over the years from Beadles until the modern day always asked if it can be aired after it had been done.

    On the day of it only had 2 complaints. If it hadn't got into the papers nothing more would've been said and the apology would've been enough. But as soon as it became known in the paper everyone jumped on the band wagon.

    I think they did the right thing in suspending/ apologising. Yes someone one top needs to go also for letting it get on air without permission.

    Do I think the public has over reacted slightly since it came into the papers? Yes maybe so.

    I'm not a huge fan of Brand but I do like JR and his Friday Night Show
  13. But considering Brands, by BBC standards, meagre salary did perhaps Wossy pay him to take the fall, he could well afford it on his ever so slightly more generous salary

    Also there has been some media speculation that he may have been pushed rather than jumping of his own free will.

    Perhaps if he fell on his sword literally rather than metaphorically he may regain sme honour, but I think in most peoples view he has very little honour at present, dammit he doesn't even look contrite.
  14. Thanks Lads for the updates on Whispering John Peel and Kenny Everett.
  15. Jimmy - Great as the late John Peel and Kenny Everett were, are you sure you don't mean the legendary 'Whispering Bob Harris' of the Old Grey Whistle Test? He's still around and has his own website here.
  16. seriously though - am I the only one who thinks this has been blown out of all proportion? Don't get me wrong - these two goiks have acted like a pair of pissed up school kids and deserve a little bit of come-uppence, however it really isn't a sacking offence.

    What interests me most about all of this is the way in which the media have pounced on it, followed closely by the Government and opposition who are collectively acting all high and mighty. I mean .. come on! Doesn't anyone else think they're using this as an opportunity to deflect some of the crud flying about just now? Credit crunch anyone?

    I wonder how much bad news they're slipping out under the wire whilst the country is agog about Brand and Ross who already deserve to be last weeks news.

  17. I think the problem that the educated Youth Radio 1 listeners have (yes there are some!) is that this happened some 12 or so days ago, and at the point of airing, only recorded 2 complaints. How on Earth did this Snowball into this Media Circus?

    No doubt it was wrong, even though the Granddaughter seems to be less than a saint, the harm caused to the man is not the sort of behaviour you should be paying for. However, once again the Media are far more concerned with the childish behaviour of two "celebrities" than the return of the Soldiers of the Parachute Regiment, and remembering their fallen. I think priorities need to be found by the media, because right now their Moral compass is so skewed it worries me.
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    My Brother in Law, who lives in Greece, stated at the time that there was no longer good reason to return to UK after his passing.

    He later revised that opinion when Jeremy Beadle kicked it.
  19. On the basis Mr Woss is a very highly paid entertainer yes. It was childish, crass, insulting, obscene, etc etc etc, it was broadcast, not on the spur of the moment in a live show but as a prerecorded show they had plenty of time to edit etc. So the whole thing was planned and premeditated.

    If you did the same thing to some one in your street, Mr Plod would have been round to call days ago, as it is Mr Woss is still on the payroll for the time being.

    If Mr Woss and Mr Brand are allowed to get away with this stuff what is to stop the bevvied up Yoofs outside your locals shops doing the same to your gran mum or sister as she walks by.

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