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I am currently a Writer - sorry - Logistician Personel, and I am about to put in my manning request to branch transfer to Phot, I was wondering of there are any Phots that post on here?
Go for it. When you leave go into the business of wedding phots, they earn a fortune!!

I guess that the promotion might be slow, but that can be a sign that those phots love their job and therefore don't want to leave.
It's a long time since I left, however the Phot branch did very well for themselves, never seemed to be on divisions, well only a token photographer. Didn't see many on the duty list either. Go for it.
I tried going phot, went through the process, interviews and was accepted, after having hte clearance to transfer from my trade (UW). A week before I was supposed to transfer, the MOD had a lovely change of heart and said I couldn't go!

It's a very good career, once in the promotion isn't as slow as you think. You can eitehr chose media or intelligence. If you want a jolly, go media! Those lovely RNP's like to ping you for 'forensic' type pics too at times.

Not sure if you get a choice of which way you want to go in the phot branch these days but it's good.

Good career when you leave, not so sure about the wedding, yes they pay good but it's boring and really only brings in dosh in the summer. Building your own career once out can be very slow, until you get a good name but once you are tehre, WOW!

Good luck!


I am really looking forward to it, I've just done the Ship's Intelligence Phot course. I am off for 6 and half months in two weeks and so I will be the Ship's Phot while we are away. I am definately sure I want to do it, I was just hoping there might be Phot's that post so I could get more of an idea of the day to day stuff. Surely it can't all be up in the helo and volleyball on the flightdeck lol!?
Jenny_Dabber said:
You can eitehr chose media or intelligence.
As a POA(PHOT) I need to correct you slightly, all phots have to pass both Phot and IA aptitude and are liable to be sent down the Int route but things may change soon.
I myself have been Int most of my time in the branch, as for promotion, like any trade if you make an effort and are good you will get places, 2 of our branch got picked up for PO after just 18 months as a killick, it took me the best part of 4 years so it's not a bad move.

Jenny_Dabber said:
If you want a jolly, go media!
There are LFS drafts in Las Vegas for Phots, not a bad jolly! - I know 'cos I'm off there for 2-3 years in Aug :lol: :lol:

If you want to know anything feel free ask away or PM me.


P.S. Berniephot posts on here too.


Cheers creeper, actually I do have one question (for now lol)

Do you find that instead of 'doing' stuff onboard you are taking phot's of everyone else doing stuff instead?

I've been thinking of the social stuff I've done whilst on deployments (flight deck bbq, it's a knock out, sundowners etc) and there has always been a phot about, don't you ever feel like you are missing out?

Or is it a case that you turn up take the required phots and then get stuck in with everyone else?? (fingers crossed)
You will find all the pics are taken at the start of a social event (prior to the drinking getting started) then again at the end for trophies/prizes etc.

If you want to take part then you do, but some functions (formal events) taking the pictures is your duty so you have to stay sober(ish).

It is a big commitment to join the Phot branch you will have to be very self reliant and resourceful, you may be sent to foreign port on you own to meet a ship then have to settle in onboard in no time only to leave that ship a few weeks later to do it all again.


I think the almost independance that you get is one of the many factors that appeals to me, I have been in the Navy 6 years and will be 30 next year. I am not looking for a way to get out of the Wtr branch, I quite like it but it is not a job that particularly excites me and so seems silly to stay in that branch when there is another that seems to offer a lot more.


Lantern Swinger
From what I can remember of when I was in the RN that is a fantastic branch to transfer to and is a right cushdee little no.

I also considered branch changing to phot but due to one reason and another it didnt materialise.

Goodluck, youll make a lot of people envious of you.

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