Branch nicknames


I know that mine warfare are known as muppets, AEM as wafu's and the former RO(G) as sparkers but what are the remainder of the branch nicknames? I've heard pinkies, greenies, dabbers and many more to list.

Anyone like to increase my knowledge please?


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AEM's are indeed Wafus, but their nick name within the Wafu wing is Grubber.
Photographers = Snaps
Air Armourers = Bombheads
Survival Equipment = Sew Sews
Metoc = Clouds or Cloud Chasers
Aircraft Handlers in my day were happy to be known as Chockheads (apparently in todays modern Navy, they find it offensive, Bless)
Writers = Scribes
Stores = Jack Dusty, or just Dusty
Stewards = Crumb Dusters
Medical Attendants = Scab Lifters
Dental = Ivory Poachers
Divers = Bubble Heads
MEM used to be called Stokers. I believe they are now known as Clankys
Shipwrights used to be Chippy. Today because they don't do the same apprenticeship, I've heard them called Wood Butchers (?)
Naval Police (Regulators) Crushers
Can't think of any more at present, if I do, I'll post.


A good few there to be getting on with, magic!

What about the former rates
AEM (M), (R) & (WL)
WEM (O) & (R)
Ops (S), (R), (SR), (TS)(SM), (M) going back a few years here.

What is the old S&S branch with CA?

Thanks again guys


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Sonar rate - tas-apes
Mine Warfare ratings - muppets
steward - hoover pilot
RO(T) - Buntings
Any submariner - sundodger
WEMs - Greenies
Any member of the OPS branch - dabber
CT - Squirrels
SA - Jack dusty
Padre - god botherer
PTI - Club swinger, or just swinger.
Naval Nurse - Doris

That's me done, can't think of any that haven't been mentioned.


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dunkers said:
What exactly is a pinkie? WE branch isn't it?

A pinky was an AEM(R) or a WEM(R) Radio/radar maintainer.
Greenies weer AEM(L) or WEM(L)
Nam(0) were Bombheads
NAM (AE) or AEM(M) were referred to as grubbers.
NA(H) were Chockheads.
Pilots were often referred to as "Jockeys"
Stokers working on catapult systems (real aircraft carriers) were known as Badgers (they wore a white surcoat with a black stripe down the centre)
The fleet master at arms was referred to as GOD


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Them aint shirts they be surcoats. Worn on flight decks to make it easy to tell which trade the guys are.
Yellow Aircraft Handler
Red Armourer
Green Electrician
Green with a blue stripe Radio/radar
Brown Aircraft mechanic
White Senior rate supervisor (All trades)
Can't remember the other colours but I bet someone can


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I think you'll find that under Pay2000, handlers were rebadged as wedge technicians.

Squirrel, don't forget that CT's are also known as 'those dashing intelligent chaps that can do no wrong!!!' :wink: