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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by rnsubdaft, Dec 9, 2006.

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  1. I know that mine warfare are known as muppets, AEM as wafu's and the former RO(G) as sparkers but what are the remainder of the branch nicknames? I've heard pinkies, greenies, dabbers and many more to list.

    Anyone like to increase my knowledge please?
  2. Scablifters,Pill pushers,Poultice Pushers Medical Branch

    Gob Gardener Dental surgeon.
  3. AEM's are indeed Wafus, but their nick name within the Wafu wing is Grubber.
    Photographers = Snaps
    Air Armourers = Bombheads
    Survival Equipment = Sew Sews
    Metoc = Clouds or Cloud Chasers
    Aircraft Handlers in my day were happy to be known as Chockheads (apparently in todays modern Navy, they find it offensive, Bless)
    Writers = Scribes
    Stores = Jack Dusty, or just Dusty
    Stewards = Crumb Dusters
    Medical Attendants = Scab Lifters
    Dental = Ivory Poachers
    Divers = Bubble Heads
    MEM used to be called Stokers. I believe they are now known as Clankys
    Shipwrights used to be Chippy. Today because they don't do the same apprenticeship, I've heard them called Wood Butchers (?)
    Naval Police (Regulators) Crushers
    Can't think of any more at present, if I do, I'll post.
  4. EWs = gollies
  5. A good few there to be getting on with, magic!

    What about the former rates
    AEM (M), (R) & (WL)
    WEM (O) & (R)
    Ops (S), (R), (SR), (TS)(SM), (M) going back a few years here.

    What is the old S&S branch with CA?

    Thanks again guys
  6. Sonar rate - tas-apes
    Mine Warfare ratings - muppets
    steward - hoover pilot
    RO(T) - Buntings
    Any submariner - sundodger
    WEMs - Greenies
    Any member of the OPS branch - dabber
    CT - Squirrels
    SA - Jack dusty
    Padre - god botherer
    PTI - Club swinger, or just swinger.
    Naval Nurse - Doris

    That's me done, can't think of any that haven't been mentioned.
  7. Thanks Roof Rat, Squirrel & drwibble yes I think you got them all.

    Enough for me to learn anyway.
  8. What exactly is a pinkie? WE branch isn't it?
  9. A pinky was an AEM(R) or a WEM(R) Radio/radar maintainer.
    Greenies weer AEM(L) or WEM(L)
    Nam(0) were Bombheads
    NAM (AE) or AEM(M) were referred to as grubbers.
    NA(H) were Chockheads.
    Pilots were often referred to as "Jockeys"
    Stokers working on catapult systems (real aircraft carriers) were known as Badgers (they wore a white surcoat with a black stripe down the centre)
    The fleet master at arms was referred to as GOD
  10. What does a red sleeveless top worn over a no.8 shirt signify (i've also seen in one of the recruitment brochures a yellow one)
  11. Them aint shirts they be surcoats. Worn on flight decks to make it easy to tell which trade the guys are.
    Yellow Aircraft Handler
    Red Armourer
    Green Electrician
    Green with a blue stripe Radio/radar
    Brown Aircraft mechanic
    White Senior rate supervisor (All trades)
    Can't remember the other colours but I bet someone can
  12. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator


    I think you'll find that under Pay2000, handlers were rebadged as wedge technicians.

    Squirrel, don't forget that CT's are also known as 'those dashing intelligent chaps that can do no wrong!!!' :wink:
  13. All MEM's are known as stokers but not all are clankies, they are MEM(M)'s.
    MEM(L)'s are known as greenies, same as WEM(R)'s because they both came from the OEM branch in EBD 1976(ish).
    WEM(O)'s are Oilys.
    Shipwrights are Shipwrights only while in that particular draft, because they are either CMEM(M)'s or CMEA's. Either way they are known as Chippy.

    These days, Writers are known as "not open in the afternoon"
    SA's are "Oh for gods sake, have you checked 320?" or "No, we cancelled that order without telling you" :)
  14. Hmm, so its ONLY WAFU [email protected] that wear them eh?
    Try SSEP/HFEP for those that joined the RN to actually go on a ship
  15. Nearly right Slim :wink:
    Yellow, Aircraft Handler, Marshaller
    Blue AH tractor team.

    For the_matelot, not me mate, I'm an old fashioned Chockhead and proud so to be. :wink:
    Lamri, thanks for the update.
  16. Not at all as mentioned earlier Stokers wore white with a black stripe. I can only remember the Wafoo ones cos I'm an ex wafoo.
    Stop mentioning going to sea, now go and wash your mouth out using language like that.
  17. What do you mean "not at all"?
    Obviously being on a ship isn't something that you are very comfortable with :wink:
    Standing Sea Emergency Party/Harbour Fire and Emergency Party ALSO wear sircoats the colour of which is depending on which job you have but generally either RED or YELLOW. HTH
  18. Thanks Slim

    So on the flightdeck you would see surcoats with the initials on the back according to what function they do on the flight deck but in a recent recruitment brochure is shows several guys ( not all) in the junior rates mess (?) with red surcoats on with various branch badges on no.8 shirts(i.e. MEM1(M), LSA, LS(R) RO1G(G)) does that mean they are also armourers?

    (Well that what what I knew the badges as but I know they have changed names since.)

    There was also a WTR with a yellow surcoat on sat in the writers 'office?'
  19. The red surcoats (not flight deck jerseys) mean that the rating in question is a member of the SSEP (Standing Sea Emergency Party), the yellow means that they are BA Controller for said SSEP, usually a Writer but not always.


    You're quite right matey, I shall chastise myself forthwith for hiding our shining light under that shameful bushel.

    My favourite for CT's is "World Protector", what d'ya reckon?
  20. See the answer above. Surcoats are also worn so that members of the ships company on duty can be readily recognised. Fire & emergency party etc.
    Oh a Doc or MA on a flight deck would wear a white surcoat with a red cross on back & front.

    Sorry Lamri didn't mean to uipset you. As I said my info wasn't complete. My not at all was meant to imply thatb it was not only wafoos who wore surcoats. Yes and they are also worn during a RAS.
    Not too comfortable being on a ship. I had a great big cabin, unfortunately 30 other blokes thought it was theirs as well.

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