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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by ANGWISH, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. When i was in, branches/trades were easy to see from you badge. Reading some of the threads here is giving me a headache. I was an RO(T), are they still called that?. Can anyone tell me of site where i get genned up on all this stuff :?: :? :? 8)
  2. the_matelot

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  3. I fink yer find RO(T) buntings no longer exist. Visual signalling has just been handed to the new Seamans Branch. We always told yooos bridge shufflers that that us dabtoes could do your job easy.

  4. Don't bother learning the branch titles just now, it is currently all change. 30th of March will see Writers, SA's and chefs disappear and become the "Supply Chain" branch. The OM system is being scrapped and replaced with something similar to the way it was beforehand.

    There are still one or two RO's who refused to go OM but I imagine they are all leaving the navy fairly soon.
  5. I recall when the powers that be did away with the Stores 'S' & 'V' branch badges.
    One became 'SA' because (alledgedly) the 'S' could be misconstrued as Steward ('V' was corrupted by a few sad individuals after they changed it to CA').

    They (the powers that be) couldn't then answer the questions as to whether people might think it meant 'Steward's Assistant', when the original 'OS' everyone knew as 'Officers's Steward' :?

    Change for change's sake - makes them think they are doing something worthwhile when earning their dosh, I think !

  6. Thanks guys, you've been a big help. :p 8)
  7. Cheers Nutty. There was an o/s on the Bulwark (bridge runner/gofer) not much good for anything, but made the best mug of kye i ever tasted :lol: 8)
  8. Ref your bit about visual signalling being done by the new seaman branch......hows all that going then ?? does it look like its working ?
  9. So the RO (T) has gone to dabbers? Lots more collisions mid RAS then! :wink:

    Where are gollys nowadays? I cannot fathom who does what to whom and when with those links...
  10. Very highly probably someone who has a lot of contact with the US Armed Forces.
    I spent 12 years working with the USAF/RSAF in a civilian role, and most, if not all, are called 'Specialist'.
    My own title, at the end, was 'Supply Management Analyst Specialist Grade C'.

    You never know, Cooks may end up as 'Catering Specialists, or Dusties as Supply Specialists (Scribes - Writing Specs ????? :???: ).

    Maybe, just maybe, you will even get more dosh - or perhaps not with whats going on now!!

    In the eyes of the powers, probably being called a 'Specialist' will be all the kudos you need ?

  11. The missile was a late addition to the badge - originally there were three 'lightning strikes' for WE but it looked more like a noisy shaft, and the flashes were not recognised as WE relevant.

    The badge is the best the designer came up with, the rejects were even worse, but, despite many requests for a better design from anyone (including ships & submarines) nothing emerged.

    And if you think you could do're too late!
  12. These new badges seen a bit of a clusterfuck by someone trying to justify their existance :???:
  13. Why Specialist, why not Scientist? :lol: After all Librarians tend to like the term Information Scientist these days - personally I think it's fraudelent - but who am I...

    Cooks.... Nutrition Scientists

    Scribes.... Communication Scientists

    Communicators.... Scientific Radio Operators

    Seamen.... Scientific Oceanic Technicians

    Stores Ratings... Scientific Auditors

    Stewards... Robots

    :lol: :lol:
  14. Of course it works the Navy say's it will. What happens is the handle on the 10" signal lamp is clacked up and down in a ramdon fashion while you call your mate on his mobile and tell him the message.

  15. So the RO(T)s have gone to the NEW Seamanship branch, how often does the Andrew rediscover Seamanship then? That's about four times that I can think off! Incidentally when I joined up back in '62 (19 you orrible lot not 18!) I wanted to become a 'bunting tosser' but was told I would have to Join as a Seaman and transfer once in (RO's were then part of the executive branch which was of course Seaman - that month) I did so they then closed down the RO(T)s and made me a RO(G) and then a Seaman 'cos I didn't want to play. the Branch was reinstigated just before I left in 72!!!!!
  16. I want to know why the new ET Badge has a missile, prop and flashes on?

    my self i know i aint never gonna touch a bloody missile, and the only flashes ill see is if i get fried by 440V

    And since when have the WE's been playing round with props?

    bloddy stupid!
  17. Can someone tell me what was wrong with the old trade badges?
  18. Designing new ones keeps a desk driver off the streets.
  19. not much call for Boom Defense rates hig! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

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