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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by InvalidUsername, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. Hi, which Branch of the RNR would be the best to join if I wanted to do a tour of Afghan?

    Logistics looks most likely :s

  2. You should go as a sandbag.
  3. Sandbag eh....i'll ask. Can't see much training/courses involved with that trade = ideal!
  4. Ah - the era of military tourism is upon us!
  5. Fugin glory/medal hunters. I shitem.
  6. Glory hunter? basicly.....yeah :s

    I see what you mean though, i do hate all these young people wanting to serve their country in this bloody conflict. How selfish :D
  7. If you really want to go out there why not try the RMR? Or the TA?

  8. Join up full time then because you aint going anywhere quickly in the RNR, and an otherthing it may seem like a good idea to go to war but it is not fun, been twice didn't like it.

    Try doing a search for training times for your branch in the RNR. I would post a link for you but can't be arsed.
  9. Cheers for the advice guys. Was in TA for over a year, didn't think much of it to be honest (no offense to the TA, they are great guys doing great jobs).

    I have a father and uncle with service in N.ireland, Iraq and the Falklands. I'm not ready to join full time/regular but i would still like to do my bit like they did, hopefully with the reserves.

    Fingers crossed eh.
  10. There is a difference between asking a question and the motivation behind the question, IUN has clarified why he wants to go.

    Everybody who has been out there went out there for the first time at some point and a significant number will have had the same motivation as IUN. To those who have posted a been there don't do that comment, would you have listened to the 'advice' prior to your first deployment?

    To advise joining the RMR or TA is like saying don't join the RN, join the RM or Army. Everybody out there makes a contribution - it's ironic that there are so many posts on this forum that the RN (and RNR's) contribution is not fairly recognised.

    If advice is to be given Jimbo's strikes the right balance in my book...
  11. Labrum I merely suggested the RMR or TA as the going to Aghanistan seems to be the guys main motivation for joining. I realise that the RNR are out there too but I'd have thought there'd be more opportunities in the other two. Apologies if I'm talking crap.
  12. That's a fair point K640, you'd be daft to join the RMR or the TA if you didn't want to deploy. The RMR certainly make this clear from the moment a potential recruit walks through the door.

    The RNR has been criticised for not pulling its weight as an organisation and being to slow to evolve - SDSR will only bring more change. The more people walking through the door with IUN's attitude the better.
  13. Willing to deploy at HM calling is one thing. Wanting to join a branch because they are more likely to go to sandy places is another. No consideration to what they are good at or what the service needs in manpower requirements.

    Edit to say. volunteering for the forces is one thing but do it for the right reasons.
  14. Maybe logs is his thing - it's got to be someone's...
  15. I dont get why you are all getting so worked up. If more people wee like him the RNR would have a better reputation. If he wants to go to bastion for 6 months why not? Hes not going to be a guest hes going to be grafting just like anyone else. If his main reason for going is he wants a shiny bit of metal so what he will earn it just like the rest of us did grafting.
  16. bikerman - To be quite honest i'm not bothered about going to a branch that needs man power if it means there's less chance of a deployment(sorry if i sound like a dick). The only thing i'm aiming to achieve is a tour, and would most like a tour of Afghanistan, this is why i asked which branch of the RNR would be my best option.

    I hope noone takes offense to this comment :D
  17. I think something you might want to consider is what you actually want to do when you get to Afghanistan; because if you're hoping to be going out on patrol then Logs is the wrong branch to join.

    Have a look at the branches of the RNR and in particular what jobs they do on ship and/or on operational deployment before choosing. If you're going to go somewhere dangerous, at least enjoy doing the job you're sent there to do.
  18. Bearing in mind that this is an 'Unofficial RN Website':

    Have you asked the very same question anywhere else?

    If so - believe their answers.

    If not - do so now.
  19. Thanks, that's a good point. However from the info i've gathered my best chance of doing a Herrick would be with logs, AWFP don't really go out there i didn't think.
  20. If you want Afghanistan join the TA, you plank.

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