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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by asst_dep_to_dep_asst, May 17, 2007.

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  1. Hello all. Although this is "Health and Fitness", I hope nobody minds if I open a thread on more medical branch-related stuff. As someone said, Perce has an area for medical professionals on ARRSE.

    There's a lot of chat about returning to days of yore, with military hospitals and the like, but I'm not sure that there's much informed discussion going on. I know that a fair few contributors are either still in or working within the realms of the NHS, so what do you all think of the way things are, and where the Services should go next? Is it worse for patients now, or does anyone think that it might be better? Should the Medical Service be purple?
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    The Medical Services have gone "Purple" from the top downwards, however when they tried it from the bottom, about the early 90's, when Keogh Barrack (Ex RAMC Depot) became the DMSTC, they introduced a common Part/Phase 2 & 3 training for MA/CMT. The Army and RAF did not what a medic as well qualified as the RN MA and have to wait a year before they could be fully employed, so the powers that be, started chopping at the "Common Core" syllabus for MA training, and funny old thing, it is now once again divided into the different Services requirement once they have completed Part/Phase 2.
  3. Cheers Andy,

    Took the link and registered myself!

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