Branch Change during phase One training?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by sdrake, Dec 28, 2009.

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  1. Re: re-inlisting and transfer

    hi was just wondering wethere i can change branch in phase 1 ? im on xmas leave at the moment and am not sure with the trade ive gone for any ideas?
  2. branch change during phase 1 training?

    hi im in phase 1 at the moment go back into week 7 was wondering wether its possible to change branch before i pass out as i am not to sure with the branch i have gone for
  3. Re: branch change during phase 1 training?

    Branch transfers are not possible during phase 1. What branch are you in.
  4. Re: branch change during phase 1 training?

    Sigh. What you in as? your contract says quite clearly that you are not entitled to change branch. Unless you fancy a life under the waves your fairly stuffed mate. And don't doubt, i did in raleigh and i'm much happier than i would be had i changed. courage in your conviction and all that..
  5. Re: branch change during phase 1 training?

    ive gone for seamen spec was thinking of WE so i could only change to submariner?
  6. Re: branch change during phase 1 training?

    well, we had a massive brief at raleigh about how awesome the sub service is and how you should leave you branch and join immediately.
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: branch change during phase 1 training?

    Funnily enough this query gets raised monthly at every AFCO in the land, & at least every other month on here.

    Odds are if you joined as a Seaman Specialist, you may not have scored high enough for ET(WE) even if it were possible to transfer.

    Casting your mind back to the selection interview, you may have been given a drop copy of the Attestation Form (S3049). Again a copy is given at the pre-entry brief & finally the Master At Arms at Raleigh reads it to you before you sign-on, so there should be little confusion.

    As a pointer, if you submit notice to quit, are accepted to re-enter & score sufficiently high enough for ET(WE), you can expect a 24 month wait to join.

    The only permitted transfer is to the submarine service in your current chosen trade. Most people joining as a Seaman Specialist will have already waited 18-20 months to join - during which time they were at liberty to re-sit the recruiting test if necessary & to change trades as often as they felt necessary before joining.
  8. Probably being a bit dull here, but why on earth would anyone not join the submarine branch if there are spaces available? It sounds like a cracking career.
  9. ok thanks for the advice
  10. it is,its just not everyones cup of tea! IIRC you need to do five years before you can transfer out if it is not your cup of tea!
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Spot on.

    The majority of those that volunteer for Submariner choose to remain submariners for their entire career for several reasons: It's a close-knit community - less formal than General Service, it's viewed as a professional elite & rewarded with special service pay. Many guys take on the financial commitments associated with the wage & are entirely happy to remain in the submarine world.

    The downsides are the limited communication & lack of overseas visits (linked with a binocular-shaped suntan)- governed by the fact not every country is happy to see a mobile nuclear reactor pitching-up on their doorstep. That said, the financial gains of a patrol with nowhere to spend the money means the "Flood Q Brigade" can afford to later visit the countries they have been lurking about menacingly offshore whilst on patrol.
  12. just kick up enough lads tend to get what they want these days doing that

    failing that, wait till you finish what ever training you are doing and then kick up a stink when on board your ship/submarine/air station/what ever.....seen that done numerous times too..

    I have seen people being categorically told that they will NOT be getting a branch transfer for what ever reason...only a few months down the line they have their wish..
  13. There is no point kicking up a stink as we (the Instructors) wouldnt listen and besides I think I have already enquired about a branch transfer for this rating nd have told him there is no chance so best he cracks on!!!
  14. Shocking! Tantrums, hissy fits and door slamming exits ignored by Instructors?
    Standards, my man, standards.
    Positive feedback and shoulders for crying on must be deployed at the first inkling of Recruits feeling homesick, not being able to iron, lay a kit muster or march in a Military manner (Standfast the Matelots.).
    Expecting young thrusters to remember signing life changing documents a full 7 weeks ago is also unreasonable IMO, let alone expecting them to recall what the document was or what it actually stated.
    As for listening to what some crusty old hasbeen is telling them on their first day in a blue suit, that is as bad as the days of the Press Gang if you ask me!
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Given that there's a two year wait for a training place on phase two ET(WE) training, for those who scored high enough in the Recruiting Test, "these days" it's even less likely to happen.
  16. Just start a rumour that you are being changed to WE and eventually everyone will believe it, after a while it will get so out of control it will actually happen.

    This is how I got drafted to RFAs. After spending a couple of weeks doing force protection on RFA Grey Rover, I told a few lads I was being permanently drafted to a specialist RFA support unit, which I had made up. After a while the whole ship had heard that I was joining this specialist RFA support unit. After 6 weeks my DO called me to his office and said my draft order for this new, mysterious unit had not come through yet and he would chase it up. After 10 weeks I had a real life shiny new draft order to join RFA Naval Support Unit, a unit I didn't even know existed.

    Most cheers easy two years I have ever had.

    The rumour mill can make or break you. Use it to your advantage.
  17. the decision to allow a branch transfer is not down to an instructor really...people will know this if they have any sense

    people who kick up enough stink at the right time will get what they want

    best bet is wait till they have completed training and transfer from there
  18. .....maybe, but deffo no CDF.
  19. Was that MASF by any chance? I got a six month draft on an RFA with them, gashest admin ever. Fcuking good trip though.
  20. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Despite what may have happened anecdotally or in the past, the current new entrant is made fully aware that they cannot join in the expectation of a transfer after joining. Many selectively forget this, because someone, somewhere will tell them that it is possible because they once heard of someone who did it. This is where the problem lies as people join believing it is assured - it isn't & never was.

    Even a serial moaner will appreciate that to transfer, the source branch has to grant manning clearance, which can't happen until after the 2.5 year return of service after completion of initial phase two training.

    The intended branch has to have a training place (currently a 2 year wait) & the applicant must be medically suitable, recommended & have scored high enough in the recruiting test for trade training in the new trade.

    Yes, we've all heard of people who have transferred, but it would be rather irresponsible to suggest to anyone about to join or already joining the service that all that's required is a messdeck lawyer & an incessant drip.

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