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Evening all,

looking through BRd3 has left me a little confused. (easily done)

At what point does someone change their branch badge for example from 2 star to Crown etc.

Is it based on completion of Qualifying course?
Are there regulations in place on an upper limit for example, if an ET for one reason or another has complete a PO's qualifying course. Do they remain at 2 star or move to a crown branch badge?
You change badge on passing qualifying course. You can normally only attend a qualifying course if you’ve been selected for promotion to the next rate up. I.e. an AB can wear a LH’s trade badge and a LH could wear a PO’s trade patch. The only way an ET would have passed a PO’s qualifying course and this wear a POET’s badge is if they’d been a LH selected for promotion or had been a full PO and subsequently been disrated back down to ET.

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