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one of my favorite places in Leicestershire which is the beautiful landscape of Bradgae Park

Bradgate Park Newtown Linford Leicester - Parks and Green Leicester England United Kingdom

Bradgate Park is a public park in Leicestershire, England, just northwest of Leicester. It covers 850 acres (3 km²). The park lies between the villages of Newtown Linford, Anstey, Cropston, Woodhouse Eaves and Swithland. The River Lin runs through the park, flowing into Cropston Reservoir which was constructed on part of the park. To the north lies Swithland Wood.

The park was cleared by the Greys of Groby in the 15th century; the construction of Bradgate House was begun in 1490 by Sir John Grey, 7th Baron Ferrers of Groby, the husband of Elizabeth Woodville and the ruins of the house are still visible at the centre of the park. The house was the birthplace of Lady Jane Grey, later Queen, ruling for a mere 9 days before being overthrown by Mary I. A much later park landmark is the folly known as 'Old John' on the top of the highest hill in the park, built in 1784. This was also built by the Greys of Groby, who were by then Earls of Stamford. In 1928 the park was bought from the heirs of the Greys by Charles Bennion, who gave it in perpetuity to the people of Leicestershire. Plaques on Old John and the main path through the park commemorate the gift.

The geology of the park is mainly Precambrian, and some of the earliest multicellular lifeforms are known from fossils discovered in the park in 1957 (Charnia masoni).

Flora and fauna
The landscape is rocky moorland with a covering of coarse grass and bracken. Several spinneys of woodland (pine and mixed deciduous) are enclosed by stone walls, and are not accessible to the public. The park is home to herds of red deer and fallow deer. Birdlife is profuse - the reservoir attracts many species of wildfowl, as does the river, and the spinneys provide secluded nesting areas for many other species, including large colonies of rooks. Species such as yellowhammer, reed bunting, skylark and meadow pipit are a common sight in the open areas of the park. For 'historical reasons' Deadly nightshade is allowed to grow within the ruins of Bradgate House.

the above picture is of Old John

this is the old house

It is a place i like to visit and spend time contemplating on personal issues.
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