I have fixed orthodontic braces at the moment and I'm not sure yet when I'll be getting them taken off.

I went into my local AFCO a couple of weeks ago and I was told I could start my application now and do the RT and interview, but I would be on hold after this, which is fine. But I was wondering if there's a specific reason why I can't then also do the PJFT? I understand why I couldn't pass the medical but I'm not really sure why having fixed braces would stop me from doing the run?

Simply because you do the run after your medical, until you pass the medical stage you can't move on to the PJFT regardless of how able bodied you are.

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It does seem odd, particularly as there's a health check prior to the PJFT but a PJFT pass triggers the allocation of an entry date. Once you join the RN, we take over healthcare. We don't employ orthodontists and you cannot be spared from training to travel home for treatment.

For that reason, if you cannot be fully passed fit to enter, you cannot complete selection.
Thanks for the replies :)

For some reason I was thinking it was PJFT before medical, but I stand corrected!

I guess I'll just get the first RT/interview done and hope I won't have the braces on for too much longer.

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