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My dentist said I should get braces and I want them but I want to join the navy more. I have decided to join instead but is it possible to get braces for free in the navy?


War Hero
Having had a gob like a busted piano myself, in my youth, back in the days when it really wasn't hip, sick, cool or trendy to have braces, merely an invitation to get picked upon, I can honestly say it's worth getting your teeth sorted before joining. After having braces I simply have to beat the women off with a pointy stick, pretty much daily, whereas before having braces, babies would burst out crying as I passed-by.

Ultimately your call. I understand the Navy does posses an orthodontist for those seriously in need of a teeth reshuffle but unless dogs howl, women scream and children burst out crying upon first sighting you, it isn't a given because when you deploy on a ship there's no orthodontal care to tweak and maintain that dull ache and underlying dazzling smile.

My tip? Get your teeth sorted before you join.