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Brace brace brace... Stand too conduct blanket searches


War Hero
True dit.

I do not like cold water. On one of my many visits to Phoenix (as was) DC trainer, a buddy and myself wore wetsuits underneath our ovvies! Best thing is we got away with it! It made getting stuck in to the major floods a (warm!) breeze.


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Post collision on HMS Southampton forward DC repair party grabbed a load of bundles of clean fresh dhobey from laundry to stem the flow of water around cable glands ( the lazy stewards had not collected it) An officer was heard to say you can not use that its from the wardroom. Bang goes all the training in the DRIU.


War Hero
But he had short sleeves, it wasnt February and there wasn't 6 inches of snow on the ground. :eek: Not very realistic.;)


Whilst at CTCRM we went on a "team day" to the DRIU at Raliegh. I'd previously done a ship det and had done the various PET cses. However we had 2 Army SNCOs attached and I have to (understate)say they "didn't like it one little bit" particularly when the shorter one could keep his feet when the rolling started!!

Never quite got my head round wearing a plastic suit to fight fires!

Little time for you whinging blue jobs but I have to say one of the most professional things I've seen is the reaction to a real fire alarm and the attack party (steward, greeny, Navs yeo and a.n other) moving into the compartment (at sea). NB that doesn't make up for the dabber washing acid (?) off the stack whilst we were cleaning the starboard 40/60!

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