BR 2170 Vol 1 NBCD Manual / LSA OPS Taskbook

Does anyone know where i can download a copy off the internet? Its for revision purposes.

It seems the mob have most of the JSPs online but not many BRs. If anyone is after a copy im looking for Chapter 12.

Im a bit cutoff at the moment and cant get into guzz for the defence intranet, and need to do some revising.

Thanks :D


War Hero
The Stoker's Bible, yea verily.

Not seen it in the public domain, however it's on the RN Intranet if you have access.

A reet rivettin' read... :wink:


Would you're nearest military establishment not be able to assist you, since Defence Intranet is available tri-service I see no reason why not.
Yeah it looks like im going to have to pop in - im leave on draft at the moment and am loathing having to go to work to do it.
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