Boys killed by Underground train

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by phil1972, Jan 13, 2007.

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  1. They'll get no sympathy from me either mate.
    Think they're all "hard" tagging stuff, well sod 'em when this kind of thing happens.
  2. couldnt have said it better myself- hope the little sods that kicked my car, van and several other cars in my street last night get hit by a bloody car!
  3. I feel sorry for the poor sods..... who have to clean up the mess.... and I'm not talking about the graffiti.
  4. They get all that they deserve in my opinion. They will happily tell you to "eff off" in the street in front of their mates, but cry for sympathy when something happens.
  5. I bet their parents will say "They were just lovable rogues, doing no harm and having fun".
  6. well spotted that man :cry:
  7. I'd make their so-called "parents" do it.
    Its about bl00dy time parents took responsibility for their kids actions.
    There is far too much "little johnny is only a playful kid" when little johnny has just glassed/hammered/knifed another schoolkid in the effing playground.
    Bring back the birch and borstals. In that order.
  8. vote lamri for PM!!!!
  9. No sympathy from me either - feck `em!
  10. Turns out they were men!! Serves them right!!

    Link to BBC news

    At least they can't be parents now to bring up some other scrotes!!
  11. Sad waste of two lives. They might have made something of their lives who knows maybe even joined up.
  12. Joined up! Are we so short of manpower that recruits of this type are required?
    They probably have difficulty with joined up writing.
    As for Children, they were all over the age of 18, so classed as adults.
    Whats the chance that they were all on benefits, we will find out when the facts are made known!

  13. Get Mrs Slim to put the kettle on - lots of bad lads have joined up and turned their lives around. After all I'm sure you would approve of boot camp treatment for these types.

  14. I joined up in the 60s and yes there were indeed some bad lads amongst the recruits. Many had been given the option of prison or join the forces. This is not the case in this modern age.
    For too long the have nots have been pandered to by namby pamby governments and so now have exactly the same as the haves but without having to work for it.
    Too many social workers and not enough prisons. Too many slap on the wrists and not enough prison sentences, but mostly too many liberals who see it as their life's work to help deprived persons.
    It really is time for government to get tough on crime and get tough on the causes of crime.
    Lets start with a complete overhaul of a welfare state benefit system which rewards people for sitting on their arses because it just isn't worth the effort of going to work.
  15. Pity there wasn't a tube train handy for the little sh'ites who vandalised the War Memorials last november.
    I'm with Lamri on this. When the birch was in use 'recidivism' was a pretty obscure word.

  16. Wasn't there a trial where they sent a load of "little darlings" through DQ's at Colchester instead of giving probation. I seem to remember that it was a success and it turned them out with a NON re-offending rate of 95% so they shut it down.
  17. If they werent tresspassing in the first place they would still be alive!!!
  18. i feel sorry for the train crew and the people who have to clear up/investigate this mess......but no sorrow for the two scroats who were in the act of escaping having committed a crime.
  19. Oi! I'm on benefit!

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