Boy racers? They've got small ones, says new anti-speed ad

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. That's probably why I have drive so slow then Slim!!
  2. Re: Boy racers? They've got small ones, says new anti-speed


    Some Thunder from Down Under! :thumright:

    Holden Thunder Ute & Thunder Crewman

    Holden Unleashes Thunder Ute and Crewman with 235 & 355 Hp engines
    GM’s Australian subsidiary Holden, is keeping the muscle-car flame alive even in its Ute range as the Auzzies unveiled another version of their popular light commercial model, based on the Commodore (which is actually based on the Opel Omega & Cadillac Catera…)

    The special edition “Thunder†models for the 2door Ute and 4door Crewman represent up to $3500 (2.480 US $) in extra value and are available on S Ute, SS Ute and SS Crewman. They will be in Holden dealerships by April 2006.

    The Thunder SS models are powered by Holden’s new Gen 4 V8 engine which delivers 260kW or 355 Hp of peak power at 5600rpm and 510Nm or 56 kgm of peak torque at 4400rpm. The Thunder S Ute boasts the advanced 172 kW or 235 Hp Alloytec V6 engine made at Holden’s Port Melbourne engine plant.

    “Thunder†Ute and Crewman additional feature highlights:


    Sports Hard Tonneau – S Ute, SS Ute

    Hard Tonneau – SS Crewman

    17-inch alloy wheels – SS Crewman (alloy spare)

    18-inch alloy wheels – S Ute (steel spare), SS Ute (alloy spare)

    Special edition 'Thunder' badging


    Colour Coded Leather Seats – SS Ute

    Anthracite Leather seats – S Ute, SS Crewman

    Recommended Retail Pricing:

    Thunder S Ute: Manual $33,990 (24.100 US $) automatic $34,990 (24.800 US $)

    Thunder SS Ute: Manual and automatic $42,490 (30.110 US $)

    Thunder SS Crewman: Manual and automatic $48,690 (34.500 US $)

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