Evening all,

Been boxing for about 2 years now and absolutely love it. Are there many opportunities to carry on my training, and advance my skills, once in the mob? I'm only 22, but would love to get coaching skills for when I'm older and less mobile, are there opportunities for this? Cheers
I have just had a very nice BBQ cooked by an ex RN boxer (Ex CPTI) and I do know that there is a very strong boxing association thing going on so I am sure you will be able to continue.

PM me if you want his details.


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POM: Liaise with the PT Staff when you join your Unit. I know of several boxing coaches in the RN at the moment. Boxing is one of the most popular and highly-promoted sports in the RN.


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POM, just posted something similar to this on another thread. I'm involved in rn boxing. there is a boxing squad in every big establishment and if you're GOOD you can go on to represent the navy against arny RAF and national squads. We run official and coaching courses every year, so you can go into that side of things when you've had enough of getting knocked about.
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