Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by unknown, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. going to raleigh in july for basic Curious to know what opportunities there are to box within the navy?
  2. Don't box myself, but there are plenty of opportunities, although not while you're in Phase 1 training at Raleigh.

    The RN has a good boxing team that takes part in many tournaments:

    RN Boxing

    and has some good, experienced coaches.
  3. If your good enough to make the squad you have it made.
    I remember some of the great Navy boxers of the eighties,Wayne Green,Nick Croombes,Terry Marsh,while I was serving in Nelson.
    No duties/sea time,best of food,tracksuits were rig of the day. What a life!

    Go for it. Good luck!
  4. I remember Boxing in the RN as being a fantastic chance to get on. It was hard work you were based at HMS Nelson and as moondog said you lived in a tracksuit. If your good enogh , go for it mate you will get loads of respect even when you finish boxing for the mob and you are back in the fleet.
  5. The Navy now has a very successful and very good boxing team, which is well coached by POPT Q Shillingford.

    There are always plenty of Inter-Estabishment and Command competitions and if you are good enough, you will be given your chance. I think Navy boxing is on the up and has been for some time. Some very good lads in the team and 'Q' has done an excellent job in coaching them.

    Don't think you will get much time at Raleigh, but once you progress onto phase 2 and phase 3 training you will have a bit more time on your hands. I know here at Collingwood, plenty of Phase 2 trainees have taken part in the Inter-Establishment competitions and Collingwood have always done very well and won most of them. Make it known you are keen to box and I am sure you will be welcomed with open arms wherever you go.

    Good luck mate and what weight do you fight at by the way?
  6. Q was my coach at Dolphin when he was an AB(S)(SM) waiting to go on his PTI course. A top bloke .He trained me for the pompey command boxing compition at Sultan in 89 .I lost in the final to a steward (the shame) .Mate as soon as you get out of Raleigh get onto your PTI's its worth it.
  7. Cheers for the information.Nice one.
  8. I Boxed while in the navy but the most fun that I had was on ship 'Spot Boxing' when everyone gathers around the heli spot and the chief picks two evenly sized ratings who are given a pair of gloves and bash seven bells out of each other,great fun.
  9. Why in the name of all that's Holy do you want to get seven bells of shite knocked out of your blancmange-like brain? Boxing causes brain damage; don't do it, you will regret it later in life. :(
  10. spot on,you may as well just bang your head against a brick wall mate.Its not sport in my mind.
  11. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I boxed for the FAA as a novice and a lightweight(seriously), thereeeeeeees notttttthing wrrrrronggggggggg wiiiiiittttthhhh meeeee nowwwwwww!
  12. Then you can rejoin as a Tiff!!
  13. You lost to a Stwd!! Im embaressed for you!! Woz that the Royal Yacht light weight belt!!
  14. I saw him mentioned in the press the other day:

    Boxer Q teaches skills for life - Lifestyle - Portsmouth News
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