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at raleigh how would I show an interest in boxing/kickboxing/MMA? I know I won’t have any time to train when I’m at basic training but I’d like to carry on after I finish my basic. Cheers


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As you say, you'll have no time at Raleigh. However, at Phase 2, there may be a club of some sort on the base and almost certainly in a town nearby.

Clubs come and go, as people in charge (the driving force) get drafted and the club declines and folds. I ran a successful karate club (based in Sultan, for many years) as luckily there were a few people capable of keeping it going.

At Phase2, see the PT staff and also look at the local area's web site.

Sumo used to do Judo - not as some think, Sumo wrestling...............
There is a very good ITF Taekwondo school in the Plymouth area. They have classes most nights at various venues.

Its the real version of TKD, not the Olympic shout and cheer everytime you score a point version.


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Have a look at the numerous notice boards you'll see scattered around.
There are usually some posters with contact details for various clubs.

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