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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ohaire, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. got my AIB in march, hopefulyl going as a warfare officer, i was wondering, as i box, how it works in the navy, my mate frm my gym who joined the army does it regular and says he spends most of his time in a tracksuit, how does it work in the navy, ie if your on a ship or a boat i dont see much opportunity for training

    also looking at form q101, it asks why do i want to become an officer in the rn/rm

    im looking at putting, "different line of work with a positive future, good pay, what i imagine to be a great lifestyle"

    "lots of oppertunites to take part in sports"

    "see new places, meet new people"

    all that sort of stuff, what did other guys put
  2. Most ships have a Physical Training Instructor embarked and circuit training is usually a daily occurence (weather permitting).

    Ships usually have some sort of multi-gym and free weights too.

    I can't comment on a boxing-specific training regime but if you speak to your PTI about your training needs I'm sure they'll help you achieve your potential.

    There's a dit about the Navy's boxing squad in the Dockyard Dandy here:

    Navy News
  3. I'd be up for boxing too, it the abscence of the Thai kind.

    As for what to put in your reasons, i believe steering clear of the 'for queen and country' line would be good. It's a common pitfall i think. Although to be fair, it is Her Majesty's Service and we want to do her proud!
  4. heres what i put

    "im looking for a different line of work with a positive future, good pay and benefits as well as an opportunity to travel and take part in sport. Also a career in the armed forces appeals to me as i think i would be making a difference."
  5. Sounds about right - search the careers section of the RN website and you'll get an idea of what to say.
  6. In the old gym at HMS Drake, Raj would hold boxing circuits etc at around 16:10 until 17:20, Mon- Thurs. I am not sure if they are being held any more but worth a skeg, just visit the SARC at HMS Drake or any naval base you are at and the club swingers should be able to help.

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