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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by seafarer1939, Aug 27, 2010.

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  1. I have collected Boxing autobiographies for a long time,I had a lot of fights as young boxer and enough in the RN to know I wasn't going anywhere.
    If you are into this can I recommend my latest,Atlas by Teddy Atlas.
    I often wondered when I watched the USA fight channel,why this chap was always there as a top respected commentator with no fight record.
    Reading his life story I know why.
    I also recommend Gypsy Jem Mace the bare knuckle champion.
    I was fascinated by the career of Stanley Ketchel middle weight champ who feared no-one and beat them all.
    Got his life story,he fought Jack Johnson and thought he could win!Johnson was told to take it easy to make the bout credible,Stanley knocked him down,Johnson got up,smiled and knocked all of Stanleys teeth out with a savage uppercut.
    Stanley was sitting having breakfast one day at the age of 24 when a chap shot him in the back and killed him because he thought he was creaming his wife.
    Turned out to be wrong ,maybe!
    I have the auto's of Dempsey,Cooper etc but I find the older boxers more interesting especially the middle weights although I do have the story of forgotten British champ Teddy Baldcock.
    Some great boxing stories out there but try Atlas from the view of a trainer and a tough kid in general, if you like boxing.
    I also have a lot of DVD bouts,they were hard sods in those days.
    BTW Noted Irish boxer Jack Dempsey [I have his life story] was more Jewish than Irish,in fact he was more American Indian than Irish.
    Another myth.
  2. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I read "King of the Gypsies" a few years back. Not something I would have normally read, but it kept my interest. It might be up your street.
  3. I picked up my fathers copy of "My Bleeding Business" by Terry Downes and began to read it - I couldn't put the book down! It was an excellent read.

  4. Thanks for that,I've ordered King of Gypsies from Amazon £4.91 inc.postage!
    you can't get two pints for that price.Good value.
    I just pick up boxing books when I can,I rarely look for one except for Gene Tunney's.
    I grew up hating Tunney for beating Dempsey[from my fathers love of Dempsey thinking he was pure Irish!]
    Watching his fights, he was a superb boxer with a punch that had great power.
    His life story is also a better book than Dempsey's.
    Watching Dempsey taking the title from Tex Willard was one of the most savage beatings I have seen,but Willards courage was beyond belief.
    A face like a hamburger and he still tried to carry on.
  5. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Let me know what you thought of the book. If I remember right there's alot of caravans and a big fight at a horserace meeting.
  6. When I was in the mob I boxed as a light heavy. Pusser got us some tickets to go and watch Alan Minter box as a reward for winning the command cup.
    When I was at the fight I met the guest of Honour who just happened to be my childhood hero, the late and great Tommy Farr.
    I have a book signed by him and I would not part with it for a fortune.

    I watched his fight on tape the other night Joe Louis) and it still gets me tingly to see a fighter like him, as I always wanted to be able to fight like him. The Yanks only scored him one round of the fifteen, thirteen to Louis and one drawn. Stitched. :evil: :evil:
  7. :( My boyhood heros were the Turpin brothers from Lemmington Spa.A great read is "Battling Jack you gotta fight back" By the forgotton brother Jackie Turpin, Jack forught from 1941- 1951 and was the first british boxer to win in the states post war. Randolph and Jack both served in the mob,Randolph as ships cook and Jack as a seaman gunner. Jack was the last surviving brother and worked out daily untill 80 years od age. He passed away April 13 2010 at 84 years. They dont'tbreed 'em like the Turpins any more :!: :(
  8. I forgot to add that Jackie Turpin also served on the Russian Convoys.
  9. Got to say, Rumrat, that Farr was a sort of hero of mine along with Bruce Woodcock[until Joe Baski broke his jaw] but he was wrong not to take advice.
    He was told to stay out in the burning sun but he said that he never saw it in Wales,therefore he went into the fight with badly sunburned shoulders.
    He lost but not as the Judges had it,Louis said it was a really tough fight,believe him not the pricks who judged it.
    Also Randy Turpin was a fine fighter and it's no coincidence that he,along with Woodcock and a good few others were the last of the Fairground fighters who learned their craft the hard way.
    It's also true that he would never have beaten Sugar if Robinson had not spent the last few weeks shagging and partying in Paris.
    Not to take things away from him though.
    I fought Welter in the mob and I'm glad for the sake of my pretty looks that you were fighting at another weight!although I could run well!

  10. The worst encounter I had in the mob was fighting a lad named Freddy Coke. He was a Black guy from Birmingham, and he had a punch like a mules kick.
    He beat me in the second round by a technical Knockout. I'm fucked if I could get up although fully conscious, my legs would not respond.
    I was so disappointed 8O :roll: :oops:
  11. :oops: I've been beaten by CRABS :!: TWICE :!: Once in the ring and once at a dance . Just goes to prove,as the Chuck Berry song says,;- that you never can tell :?
  12. Fuckin hell I thought you said you'd had crabs twice, I hope you've got rid of them now or else we ain't going on the p1ss no more jesse. 8O :roll: :D
  13. :evil: jUst come in from a few wets at the Manor Farm. :wink: The only time I got crabs was as a civvy from transport digs in Bi rkrnhead. :twisted:

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