Was hoping someone could help me.

I am best man for an ex RN Cdo in Pompey in Saturday. I'm looking for someone to tie me the 'unbreakable' knot so I can present it during the best mans speech, can anyone point me in the right direction or better yet accommodate my request ? :)

I can pay :)
Hi Reni,

My humble suggestion is a much neater variant of the bog standard Bowline:

Apprently its called ‘The Yosemite Bowline’, and I found it here: Caving Knots

If you try tying it yourself (which I just have) you will see that it’s fairly simple to adjust and tie.
By tensioning up each part it really becomes quite a tight and rather neat-looking knot; especially as the tail-end comes out at the top (alongside the ‘standing’ part) rather than just dangling within the bight like a standard bowline’s end.

If you are in the Portsmouth area this week for the wedding I would suggest popping in to this chandler, they have always been most helpful to me.

Hornsey Chris Ltd‎
152-154 Eastney Road
Southsea PO4 8DY
023 9273 4728

‎Tell them what it is for and they will select the right diameter and length of colourful, braided rope with the ends neatly heat sealed.

If you ask them nicely, tell them of your dire need & give them that picture & offer a drink or two/charity donation, they might even make it up and tension it tightly for you there and then!


PS As an afterthought here is a further suggestion:

Make the length long enough for tying that bowline knot at both ends.

Then, when your speech comes to that crucial part, produce your rope by draping a bight over the head of each of them (rather like a pair of loose handcuffs) and proceed with your 'unbreakable knot' dit.

PPS Let us all know how you get on (especially 'the trapping of the Bridesmaid(s)' and the Naked Bar Fighting. :wink:
Try Gordy, he's the authority on unbreakable Knots. Just make sure there isn't a tosser called Sandy, carrying a sword, anywhere near you when you make your presentation. :laughing5:
Just whilst we are waiting for Reni to return from his honeymoon with the happy couple......

'There were three pieces of rope wandering in the desert. They were very hot and thirsty. They came upon a bar and one went in. He asked for a drink and the bartender said, 'read the sign buddy we don't serve ropes.'

'Oh come on just this once', the rope asked again. The bartender said 'nope', so the rope left. The second rope figured he was a bit better looking and maybe the bartender would soften a little and let him have a drink. He went in and asked for a drink, the bartender shook his head and said 'Hey Buddy, it's just like I told your friend we don't serve ropes here.' Dejected the rope left the bar.

The 3rd rope heard both of their stories, thought for a moment. Then he rolled himself into a knot and fluffed the edges so it was a little frayed. The third rope went into the bar like this and asked for a drink.

The bartender asked, 'Hey are you a rope?' The 3rd rope looked down at himself and said 'Nope, I am a frayed knot!'
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