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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Si_Novice, Jan 10, 2010.

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  1. Hello All WAFU's...

    I am in the recruitment process for AET and was just looking for opinion on aircraft and specialist areas...

    What is the best aircraft to work on (Lynx Merlin etc)

    What is the best area to specialize in ( Mechanics Avionics etc)

    I appreciate any views or advice. Thanks
  2. Rotary and fixed wing Squadrons.Are much the same to work on!!! Its the people, that are assembled on the Squadron. That make it a good :D or bad :cry: outfit. Always aim to be a Pinkie and not a Grubber, if you want loads of early chops :wink: :wink:
  3. Thanks Scouse,

    that said it is know I show my "Newbie" stripes and have to ask what the ....

    Pinkie and Grubber???

    Cheers Pal
  4. "Pinkie" a king in the field of all things Radio/radar/avionics, also ace on bridge uckeers, etc and first in line for an early Chop. " Grubber" a king of all things Hydraulic, lox and air,grease etc. Not so good at board games, as he is always working, and last in line for an early chop!!! as his cab is always unserviceble, unlike the Pinkie whose cab is always serviceable :wink: :wink:
  5. Cheers

    I see, that's a no brainer then!
  6. Si

    You didn't ask Scouse what "early chops" are!
  7. I am guessing that's 1st in for scran?
  8. "Mechanical or Avionic trades", maybe with your spelling aircraft handler maybe a good option!!

    Of course Avionics on Harriers is the way ahead, only downside is crabfat cnuts!!!

    With avionics comes the old trades of Electrical, Radio/Radar and the simplicity that is weapons :lol:

    Mechs just hit things with hammers and spanners.
  9. Scouse you and I are out of date, the pinkie is dead.........................long live the jack of all trades. An AET as a newbie does ALL trades. It's only when he reaches the dizzy height of killick that he gets to specialise.
    Sadly even then he only has two choices Sparky (includes radio, electrics, instruments and bombheadery) of Grubber.

    I reckon early chops are just fond memories :oops:
  10. Thanks for picking me up on that spelling error!

    No Bias from you then as to where to go!..

  11. Nope :wink: Ist into the shower and ashore on the P*** and pull with the other Pinkys on the squadron Slim and Mitch and Jacko, at the Two Red Shoes Dance hall in Elgin :wink: :wink: " The WHO are on tonight" :lol:
  12. well that's made my mind up!

    Seems I am resigned to the fact that its going to take around 13 months from my test to raleigh dates :cry:
  13. Will that make you 35 Pops?? :roll: Slim had his full pension then!! I had done 12 Yrs and been in civvy st 8yrs :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. Full pension at 40 Scouse, In July this year I will have been collecting it for 25 years (if I live that long) I want the pension people to love me Long Time Jack. :p
  15. yep, 35 if I have to wait till next year...sure I will have time to get used to being called Grandad or uncle albert or something!

    At least I can sit back and laugh at all the kiddy pish ants getting drunk and trying to pull birds.
  16. Become a sailor first then think about what you want to be ..WAFU, not the best of
  17. Wash your mouth out, Wafu is the only option worth considering :)
  18. Good Man Slim,

    I was waiting for the back up to wade in! Jealously is such a weak emotion! :lol:

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