Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by scousehillier, Oct 25, 2008.

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  1. Can someone tell me when you are paid the bounty payment?
    Also qualifiaction for bounty, when does it start/end?


  2. next pay run after 31/4 i.e. end of may.
    it is proportional to time served, been in 9 months= get 75% of first year amount.
    generally do a fortnight ORT, 6 weekends, 24 nights and any other stuff your Captain demands, such as November ceremonies and divisions, stay in date for BSSC and NAPWT and the like and you have it cracked.
    Bounty rises from circa £500 to £1500 in years 1 to 5. Tax free.
    ask your unit for specific, local needs. :money:
  3. Cheers Smellyirma, I am thinking of signing on at Eaglet and was wondering if I could cram in as much as I could to go towards receiving the 1st years bounty.

    Thanks for the info.
  4. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    No offence scouse but you've been asking questions for so long now, that you could have qualified for your bounty in this time. Go to the unit and sign on - you can leave immediately if you don't like it!
  5. Come on Purps!

    You know as well as i do that many of the presentations given at recruitment focus on the goods as opposed to the bads.

    Bearing in mind the following;

    1. It takes on average six months to go from signing up to actually being security cleared and recieving a service number. Sometimes much longer.

    2. During that process you have to take time off work to attend tests, interviews, medicals and fitness tests. These are usually all done on seperate occasions which means four lots of time off work.

    3. Some units let you in to attend before you are cleared in which case you have the possibility of wasting six months of your time attending drill nights when you could be binned at any moment.

    4. The information given on both the official net and recruitment propaganda isnt anywhere as detailed as it could be.

    I know for a fact that during the recruitment presentation i recieved i was told a bucket of sh*t. And its wasnt just my unit. Things have moved on now, partly because i give the presentation to potential recruits so they get both sides of the coin.

    I'd rather people ask a few questions on here and get some honest straight forward answers (if they're lucky!!!) than waste their time for six months only to find its not for them.

  6. PT - fair do's with your comment.

    RR is ideal for research and requesting information.....details that I wouldn't probably get at my local unit or would spend ages to find out.

    I don't want to change my college course to then find out that the RNR is not for me and end up wasting time & effort for the RNR and myself.

    My posts on this forum have been with the intention to seek advice from people who will comment on the RNR as it is and not the PR side.

    Thanks Treehorn for your comments they are appreciated.
  7. Are you and Trehorn sleeping together or have you got some sort of fan club that s/he has decided to become chair person of?
  8. Welcome to the Scousehillier appreciation society :w00t:
    Nah mate, i just think its a bit bloody harsh that someone who is genuinely interested in joining is getting a lot of grief for asking simple questions that most people ask when they want to join.

    When he joins up i may meet him and think he's a right tool but until then i'll treat him as i would any potential recruit.

    If he'd been asking some lame question about why sailors wear bell bottoms or do we all say ah harrr me hartys then i would be inclined to join in the public flogging but i dont think the questions deserve some of the responses they're attracting.
  9. Eeeh up love on the net!!!

    Scouse looks like you found a mess!!!
  10. Not in it for the money then guys??? RNR yesterdays ******* - today
  11. Jealous, lover?

    :lick: :love4: :pottytrain1:
  12. Nah TH just after a nibble - best time of my life Cox'n at Calliope
  13. My response was actually to WM but you beat me to it. But while we're at it, anyone who does the RNR for the money needs some serious help!

    When anyone says the money would come in handy i have to agree with them. Yes, it WOULD come in handy if we ever got any!!! I've given up checking my payslip cos i seem to have been doing the last few months for free.
  14. If its any consolation got my War Pension after 14 months waiting - 40% disability £58 a week that goes a long way.
  15. Only 14 months????

    Thats quick payment these days!!! :thumright:

    Ok, i see where you are coming from. My main point being that when you start in the RNR as NE and finally start getting paid (after you've cleared security etc etc), you get approx £40.00 per day. (Can anyone tell me what the minimum wage currently is?)

    If you're keen then you may attend approx 42 drill nights a year (thats taking off easter, summer leave, ORT and the odd week where you just cant make it. £420.00 per year.

    I would suggest that most people struggle to get a weekend in every month these days, in fact probably five weekends per year is more realistic. Thats £200.00 per year.

    Ten days ORT thats £400.00.

    So i would suggest that a keen RNR rating earns about £1,020.00.

    Not alot. You cant even say its £85 a month because your ORT is one payment and the weekends are spread throughout the year. I've lost count of the number of pay slips i've had this year with £0.00 on them.

    You can't include the £5 per day IE because i would suggest that most people spend that on what its intended for. Newspaper, call home, bottle of water etc.

    Yes, we get the bounty, currently around £1,600.00 after 5 years. But for the first year its around £400.00 i believe ???(standing by to be corrected). Thats if you get it??? With the limited number of weekends available you have to make sure you attend weekends that you either don't want to or don't feel you need to just to make sure you get the days in. One lad last year didn't get his bounty because he hadn't attended enough drill nights. He'd done more than enough weekends and ORT to compensate but didnt get it because he was short of SA days. Thats ridiculous. What training actually gets done on a drill night? I would suggest very little of any worth.

    The RNR does not give you a high enough regular income to make it worth while, hense my comment that if you are joining for the money its not worth it, at least until you get the the 5th year bounty entitlement.

    Before everyone jumps on my back about "why do you bother then if its so bad" i would say that is exactly my point. I don't do it for the money. I do it because in enjoy it.
  16. Same here. (This doesn't make us perverts does it..?? :thumright: )
  17. Erm.. Bollocks? You can substitute ORT for SA but not the other way round. I haven't done more that 10 Drill Nights a year for the last 5 years but have always got my Bounty because of the 40 - 60 days ORT I've done.

    If this lad has been denied his Bounty despite doing enough days, 10 of which were continuous training he should be bunging in a complaint.
  18. Bloody Hell Aldis you're keen to be posting at 0248Z - proof (as if it were needed) that you really are in a hot place!

    Ref ORT-SA - Fully concur - it is tricky getting credit for ORT that isn't done but it is a doddle the other way round if you have put the hours in on "proper" training/operational deployment
  19. Only if you push back :thumright:
  20. Mobilise and then you are garunteed to get your bounty. It is after all why they pay us in the first place.

    Having a cracking mobilisation outside the RN working with our brothers in Green. Get your names down and get on with it!

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