Lantern Swinger
Hi all,

Just a quick question...

I'm trying to find a list of all the things that need to be completed in order to qualify for bounty. I have looked at DGW with no luck. I have also googled it.

Does anyone know where I can find this list?

Many thanks!


War Hero
It varies from unit to unit, depending on what caveats have been put in place by your command. Some mandate Annual Divisions, other might mandate a recruiting event, for example.

However 12 days CT and 12 days SA, plus RNFT should be considered the minimum for the new upper bounty (old List 3).

I suggest you email your PS and get an exact list.
Also add the certificate that you have passed CMS11 ('elf n safety).
Deffo follow B-H's advice of emailing your PSI and DO, asking what your CO requires you to do to qualify for bounty, but add to the email what you think you have to do (what B-H and myself said), thereby displaying a bit of "nouse".
Then keep the email and the reply to use as either a formal complaint or preferably a bounty waiver request if they have got it wrong.


Lantern Swinger
Thanks guys, apparently I qualify for the lower bounty as I am and once I have completed my two planned training weekends I will get the higher rate. Nice to know :)


War Hero
just found a box of celebrations under my stairs, I do like the coconut flavoured ones.

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