Those who were eligible last year recieved their Bounty payment on 13th April last year, which was a Friday so by my reckoning we should get it 11th April this Friday.

Anyone got any other ideas when it will go in?

Can't wait!


Lantern Swinger
I believe it will be paid in the May pay run as all pay is done centrally now. Check your online JPA statement after the middle of the month.


Lantern Swinger
Remember that mercenaries wear uniforms for money, sadists wear uniforms for fun. Us Royal Naval Reservists do it for both!!! :w00t:


Lantern Swinger
Believe it's gone up this year to over £1600 for those on top whack. (Don't quote me though!).

More choccy!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!
Come on then, what are we going to spend it all on.

Me -

a. Paying off credit card.
b. fixing the brakes on our lasses car. (Thats putting them right, not cutting the cables :thumright: )
c. Hopefully having enough left to pay for those bloody diving lessons!




Lantern Swinger
Thought I'd splash out on a new laptop and possibly a second hand car.
If I've got any left after that think I'll put it towards that boob job I've always wanted. :afro:
You're never bloody happy are you???

First it was the lip implants of Lesley Ash, then the liposuction of the nutty proffessor, hair transplant of Graham Gooch and skin tinting of Michael Jackson.

Jordans boobs next i presume? :afro:
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