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Bounty Differences.


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I happened to be looking through the RAFA (Royal Air Force Auxiliary) website and noticed that they get an annual bounty of £1,506. I then spoke to a mate at work who happens to be in the TA's and he said that he also gets an annual bounty of £1,506. However, members of the RNR only get £1,360. Does anyone out there know why there is this difference?.


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I got £1572 - does that mean Uniform Upkeep Allowance is less than before? I'm sure the final bounty should have been nearer £1700 with that rolled in?

Grateful if someone could advise as am a long way from my UPO!


hookyh said:
I'm off out to get shyters!

Enjoy guy's!
I'm off in a minute as well , a few sherbets are in order methinks , nothing wrong with imbibing now and again I love go'ing to the club and sorting out this madder and madder world of our's , :lol: :roll:


Right I'm back from the club, sorted the world out with the rest of my mates , all ex Matelots or ex Royals [yes I know Once a Marine Always a Marine ] ,but you know what I mean , and to a man we are all of the same oppinion , see Thread "the laws an ass" , night night folks , :roll: :lol:


So very pleased to be a Lantern Swinger , will get my Kit altered as soon as pos , got to keep on top of my admin , Thank you's kind Moderater's, I'm so humble'd ,come on all you new joiner's get involved in all this , don't just log on then log off , you must have an oppinion on some of the subjects ,
I see micmic's Thread has bean locked , [Equality & Diversity] , he is actualy a very good mate of mine , and has in the past been known as "The Black Nib" , I'm sure he will try again , but hell that's what it's all about, right definately night night , :roll: :lol:


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Looked in my regular bank account - oh shit, overdrawn again - then looked at my Holt's account, and Woohoo a grand and a half smackaroonies.


Lantern Swinger
IIRC the amount of Bounty awarded is dependent upon the ORT required for that particular List/Branch/Service

If you are required to undertake, and complete, more ORT you get a larger Bounty.
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