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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Old_Hand, May 11, 2006.

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  1. Old_Hand

    Old_Hand New member

    I happened to be looking through the RAFA (Royal Air Force Auxiliary) website and noticed that they get an annual bounty of £1,506. I then spoke to a mate at work who happens to be in the TA's and he said that he also gets an annual bounty of £1,506. However, members of the RNR only get £1,360. Does anyone out there know why there is this difference?.
  2. GCYZ

    GCYZ New member

    RNR bounty is also £1506, as of the last pay signal.
  3. GCYZ

    GCYZ New member

    And It's in the Bank this Morning! Yippee
  4. Bisley

    Bisley War Hero

    Just in time for the weekend!!!!!!!1
  5. Jim30

    Jim30 New member

    I got £1572 - does that mean Uniform Upkeep Allowance is less than before? I'm sure the final bounty should have been nearer £1700 with that rolled in?

    Grateful if someone could advise as am a long way from my UPO!
  6. hookyh

    hookyh Badgeman

    I'm off out to get shyters!

    Enjoy guy's!
  7. dondon

    dondon New member

    I'm off in a minute as well , a few sherbets are in order methinks , nothing wrong with imbibing now and again I love go'ing to the club and sorting out this madder and madder world of our's , :lol: :roll:
  8. dondon

    dondon New member

    Right I'm back from the club, sorted the world out with the rest of my mates , all ex Matelots or ex Royals [yes I know Once a Marine Always a Marine ] ,but you know what I mean , and to a man we are all of the same oppinion , see Thread "the laws an ass" , night night folks , :roll: :lol:
  9. dondon

    dondon New member

    So very pleased to be a Lantern Swinger , will get my Kit altered as soon as pos , got to keep on top of my admin , Thank you's kind Moderater's, I'm so humble'd ,come on all you new joiner's get involved in all this , don't just log on then log off , you must have an oppinion on some of the subjects ,
    I see micmic's Thread has bean locked , [Equality & Diversity] , he is actualy a very good mate of mine , and has in the past been known as "The Black Nib" , I'm sure he will try again , but hell that's what it's all about, right definately night night , :roll: :lol:
  10. hammockhead

    hammockhead New member

    Looked in my regular bank account - oh shit, overdrawn again - then looked at my Holt's account, and Woohoo a grand and a half smackaroonies.
  11. Pierre_Argh

    Pierre_Argh New member

    IIRC the amount of Bounty awarded is dependent upon the ORT required for that particular List/Branch/Service

    If you are required to undertake, and complete, more ORT you get a larger Bounty.

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