bounty be good.

what will you spend bounty on?

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how about a straw poll on spending the wad ?

i am going to buy beer, tabs and educational dvd's
the rest i will waste on pish like bills.
i'm going to buy a Vincent Black Shadow and a candy apple red convertable then drive to Vegas and blow the whole lot on gambling, penthouse suites, dancing girls and champagne.
I'm going to invest my bounty in the torture and annihilation of my liver. Although its very tempting to invest it in something more worthwhile, possibly my education?
On F.T.D's advice and like a good oppo I listened, I waged all my bounty on a four legged cert in Saturdays Grand National at 33-1. Now I am skint, gutted and regretting my actions and F.T.D will not answer his phone.

I cant even afford the bounty bop!! Can you get an advance for this on JPA??

Always the optimist, there's only 360 days until the next bounty :lol:
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