Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by brazenhussy, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. Well don that man, and I would not be surprised if he finds his generosity rewarded with greater staff loyalty and productivity.
  2. We don't even get "May Day" north of the border.........................

    never mind St George’s Day : (
  3. Isnt that racist ???

    Wont he be upsetting some ethnic minority PC Tree Hugging anti patriot burn the flag scum bag ??

    It will, oh excellent - everyone who is English have the day off.
  4. hear hear
  5. Will just have to celebrate on Sunday and fly the flag on Monday as usual.... :p
  6. Bloody upseting me; I work for someone else.... :D
  7. lol :lol:
  8. If this is the case next monday is the birthday of that great scottish icon and patriot Oor Wullie. I'm taking a make a mend!!
  9. Isn't this post bollox?

    We celebrated the anniversary of Trafalgar in the Brumopolis , home to a significan ethnic minority community.

    The place was awash with St.George's flags , lots of tub-thumping patriotism much in evidence, and activities centred around the French getting a deserved kicking.


    No evidence whatsoever of complaints from the Islamic community as Birmingham really got behind the event. In fact a significant number were present to enjoy the festivities.

    During the World cup, and even during the Cricket World cup , there were plenty of St.Georges flags in evidence on houses and in windows in predominantly Muslim areas.

    I'm not sure which is worse. The people who interfere with "Oh we must think of the sensitivities of others" or the boneheaded tools who say "I will fly this flag, and no one will take away my right to do so" when nothing has been said to criticise their decision to do so.

    It's the flag of all Englishmen whatever religion or hue they are, it's time to promote it as such.

    You will probably find that any complaints about celebrating St. Georges day will not come from Muslims, Islamic Society, Asians, Not Englsih etc but more the PC groups within that complain about almost everything to do with being English/British.

    You see my post as bollox I see it as political satire.....

    Personally if we can celebrate St Taffy Day, St Paddy Day St Jock Day, American Independace Day then why the bloody hell cant we celebrate St Georges day......
  11. St George was he that Roman geezer?
  12. I think he was Turkish wasn't he?

    St David is the only one of the 4 saints to have actually been born in his own country.

    If I remember correctly, St Patrick was born on the Scottish mainland and St Andrew was Greek?

    Edited for typos
  13. Have no issue with having a National Day; but can't we get a better patron saint?

    Better still celebrate someone else's life, preferably an Englishman/women!!
  14. Can we use this thread as authority not to turn to?
  15. Can't see the issue with St George not being English, we're a mixed nation anyway.

    And no, I've never heard any 'minority' group kick off about St George's day or Christmas or anything like that. I don't see any white people where I work in Birmingham.

    There is a Sikh parade in Smethwick on the same day as the St George's day parade is happening in West Bromwich. The roads will be murder!
  16. Smethwick is murder at the best of times.

    And it's a hole :D
  17. Christ lets not put it to the public vote though. We will end up with Posh Spice day or something 8O
  18. Fair-one!

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