Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 2badge_mango, May 3, 2008.

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  1. Well! Never would have suspected that he could do it, but a big BZ to Boris.
    I was born, and joined the RN as a Londoner, but now live in the 'far norf'. Still have an interest in what happens in my City of birth, and hope that he can improve the lot of those who still live there.

  2. I find Boris a caricature, both of a man and of a politician. History will show whether he achieves as much as Red Ken, or indeed achieves anything at all.
  3. Who gives a sht - as long as every thing he does smacks Brown in the face it will be ok with me.
  4. Governments too long in power or with big majorities make bad laws hopefully this will kick Labour into touch and they will realise that they have been sending out all the wrong messages for quite some time. Brown should be aware that not the least of the grumbles is the way we felt stiched up over his transition to power - disgraceful. I don't mind the guy and actually like him a lot more than the fawning puppet Bliar but the handover of power was disgraceful. Where's Brutus when you need him?
  5. Also suspect that Boris will find the job a bit of a poisoned chalice.
  6. You do know that Andym aka The Doc is actually Boris don't you? He has been masquerading as an ex RN Medic to lull us into a false sense of security. Very shortly he will reveal himself.
  7. A truly scary thought Rosy, the Doc revealing himself, thank got i have not had any breakfast yet. On the bright side we will be able to get him arrested when he does reveal himself though.
  8. I hope he does something so that on my next visit to Londonistan I can see that I am still in England (Great Britain) Well done Boris I was really rooting for you.Some premature advice (plea) to Mr. Cameron when you choose your cabinet PLEASE no Scots/Welsh MPs, no lawyers and no women.
  9. OI VARK! What is wrong with lawyers?
  10. Rosy, you are getting het up, I have not seen the V word used for some time. Go and get yourself some nice choccy for breakfast and calm down, think nice thoughts about shoe shopping and forget you belong to the dreaded legal profession
  11. He is at least something of a character unlike Mr Cameron who has about as much character as New Zealand cheddar (sorry to the Kiwis on here but the stuff they sell in the UK is pants) and some that has been defrosted to boot.
    Mind you I can't think of any present politico in the UK who isn't a dull grey, party line tugging non entity.
    I like M. Sarkozy who tells it like it is and texts whilst having an interview with the Pope, sound man.
  12. Quite happy that Boris is in. Whether you like or dislike him - he is a fresh pair of hands, an opportunity to make changes, undo some bad policies and is, if nothing else, a hell of a character.

    Also, he tends not to mince his words which in my book makes him a little more honest than some of his compatriots.

  13. BTW Mikh - you didn't mention cats. They also make Rosie feel good.

  14. Not being a Londoner, Im not really that bothered, but what happens in that city is shadowed all over our nation. So at last someone who will hopefully look after the majority instead of pandering to a vocal minority.
  15. Boris for PM!!!!! :thumright:
  16. How could I forget the walking pooch toys, thank you for the reminder SF.

    As to Boris, I have always found him entertaining when on the TV, witty, eccentric, and not afraid to say what he thinks.
  17. I like Boris so BZ to him , hope his dad Stanley gets his Henley on Thames seat if he runs for it , said on tele last night that he would , both good characters , :thumright:
  18. Why?

    As for Boris if there are any Londoners left in London they have got what they deserve.
  19. The man is a twat. Remember, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and goes quack, chances are it's a duck.

    Also, the position of Mayor of London should go to the one best qualified, the one who will do the best for the majority of Londoners - not to the member of the most popular political party.

    I blame the media in all its forms but mostly television. Once again style (spit) has triumphed over substance.

    I will happily give odds of 5/1 that he wont last a second term.
  20. Tanzi. do you live in london ? No.
    Do you have to to put up with congestion charges ? No
    Are you getting a new tax every other week ? No
    Anything that smacks Broon in the face is good with me and all this without wasting a vote on the likes of BMP tosers.
    By the way biggest turnout in years might just sugest something of feeling.


    arhhhh feel better for that sorry rant over, must go for a lie down

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