Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SILVER_FOX, Jul 16, 2007.

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  1. As Boris is my Hero it has got to be Boris. i do believe that there is a lot more to him then he lets on.
  2. It just has to be Boris, for entertainment value alone. :w00t:
  3. Boris for me , such a characture .
  4. At least the campaign will be fun to watch.

    As he's such a character, he may even win. :wtf:
  5. I genuinely believe that he would be good in the job. If he manages to put the fun back into functional - then so much the better.

  6. I'd vote for him!
  7. Who cares what happens in London whoever they get they deserve it.

    I was once passing through London in the 60's and had to get from KingsX to Waterloo,being pushed for time I took a fast black. As some of you will know in those days our pay was meagre and I did not have enough to give the fellow a tip, not being too pleased he suggested that the next I should take a bus, cheeky bastard! Anyway I told him to go away in short sharp jerks as you do and that is why I do not give a toss about who those gobshites get as a Mayor.
  8. Either one will be fine, none of them are Scottish.
  9. It is such a shame that the English seem unable to turn out any quality political leaders but the Scots being a generous race by nature have magnanimously allowed you to borrow some of our shining stars.

    I find it unbelievable that a vast amout of resources are available to chase Boris Blonde Bimbo round the streets to sell a few newspapers I pity the seven trees felled for every newspaper printed with this shite.

    London you can stick it sooner be on a mountain top someplace watching the clouds go by.

    And East Enders is shite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As for tipping cabbies!

    Walked Hadrians Wall a while back which I can reccommend for scenery and Northern Hospitality. Eighty two miles of heaven.

    Anyways my good Lady and I grabbed a cab back to the digs on one of the stop overs. Gave the cabbie a two quid tip. The response was out of this world he was telling us how much he appreciated it with business being so light that night you would have thought he had won the lotto.
  11. You can have 'em back if you like.. ? I don't think they'll be missed much here..

    I'm sure an up and coming independent country like yours, so eager to join the EU, would welcome such quality people back into the fold --- be interesting to see if they get as much dosh from the Froggies as they do now from the UK taxpayers....??

  12. And you can have that Jock back on the back of the BANK OF ENGLAND twenty pound note too!!!
  13. Both Red Ken and Boris do not impress me at all, if the choice is between them only though it would go for Boris, at least he gives every one a laugh if nothing else

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