I think that most RR members know that I have a soft spot for Boris, however I do believe that he tells it as he see's it. He is not always PC and I hope he never changes. In this case I agree with him. For initiation ceromonies we as navy guys could insert End of course run, 18th bithdays, 21st Birthdays, Promotions, leaving barrells, the list od drinking related ceromonies is endless. Unfortunately accidents with people do occur however banning booze would be like banning cars because they are involved in accidents.
Yes, in the ' good old days ' of ' up spirits ' I believe there was a number of rum related deaths where so much rum was consumed the drinker was rendered unconcious and choked in his own vomit . I actually witnessed an incident where a quick thinking rating saved the life of another by flipping him over onto his side . Nothing like a glass or two in good company but the dangers of over indulging are well documented. Poor young fellow in the prime of life all for the sake of booze, crazy world .

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