Boring boring Falklands 30 years on

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Jan 19, 2012.

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  1. Guys just watched that twat on question time tonight, where the fcuk do they dig the audience up from, I was 22 years old when we went down south, shit myself every fcuking day when you are so close to violent death it really focuses your attention on survival. I remember reading the file in the Ops Room every night with the casualty lists as it grew by the day wondering if old shagger Stans name would be on the next one. It wasn't thank fcuk - was it worth it cos it fcuking was I came home a fcuking hero lots of cheap shags some were even women!! but by fcuk we achieved something really special. We did our country proud guys and guess what we really put some pride back into this shithole of a country which sadly it has now become.
    Time for bed zzzzzzzzzz
    Matelots Nose with ice !!!!
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  2. Well said Stan.

    I love it how your that jack that (maybe by coincidence) your post is at 2359 as well :)
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  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Man the fcuk up Stan, officially you fall outside the current military description of hero. You have not faced death somewhere warm. You have not faced death in the full glare of a TV crew. You have not faced death doing something sexy. You have not faced death doing something worthy off making or being hip enough to be included in the news bulletin.

    Epic fail. Please hand in any gongs or bling you may or may not have been issued without the presence of a TV crew. Shame on you.
  4. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Yer and as we all know the Navy just sails around surrendering with our iPods and "man, if you 'ant done time with your 'gat in ganners then you 'ant nothink"

    Also only the Army has been on any form of Operations for the last 20 years.
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  5. This is true. I myself have conducted multiple heroic and harrowing tours of Afghanistan where I faced life threatening danger daily. I suffered numerous debilitating paper cuts whilst processing JTARs and the big TV screen could have fallen on me at any time whilst J3 watchkeeping.

    You also wouldn't believe the amount of times I spilled red hot Tim Horton's coffee on myself whilst playing halo on the xbox.

    Fortunately channel 5 were on hand to film me heroically having numerous telephone conversations with the CAOC and meekly doing exactly what I was told.

    My Herrick medal is a reminder of these taxing times. Nothing can take away the pain of my flight home being delayed 72 hours though, nothing.
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  6. I'm with Stan on this one! As for film crews ... we had "counter" Hanrahan ... sat on the flight deck watching the Jet Jockeys playing and evey time you turned a corner there he'd be ... "This is Counter Hanrahan ... Stbd Gulch 3E Mess ....." Mind .. come to think of it once we got ashore never did see the buggers in Ajax to come and have a look/see where the 500lb er had come through the roof ... bounced in the middle of the operating theatre and ended up next to my pit ... (I personally think the Argie [email protected] pilot had a contract with my ex missis ... but seeing I was out cowering in the bottom of a convinient hole in the ground at the time pissing myself ... yahoo [email protected] ... missed me!).

    But perhaps Blobby's right ... almost managed to avoid being photographed doing anything sexy for 't news bullitins ... the only photgraphic evidence for there of me doing anything particularly useful is indistinct enough to be able to deny being there in the first place!
  7. You flew home crab air? The antiques airshow? You need never prove your courage in anyother way again. :salut:
  8. And I ate the bagmeal.
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  9. That's not courageous, that's self-harming!
  10. Er....Think that might have been a discarded sick bag mate :pukeright:
  11. Blobby see a much older Stan in March 2003 on Sky news taking charge of the repatriation of 7 shipmates killed in the Seaking collision - picked some of them out of the water put them in the sad little boxes for repatriation via Kuwait, so please fcuk off its really not that witty btw the two lads killed on Argonaut I took thru basic training in Dryad and I often see their faces in my dark nights. That really wasn't funny
  12. Stan, I do believe that Blobs was backing your post through the medium of sarcasm mate.
  13. Good old Stan he's a cnut take care Monty
  14. I was 9 when it kicked off in '82, immensely proud of all the guys who went down there, but I suspect none of you cold war warriors were expecting it. It inspired me to join up, and the 22 yrs I've served, I've seen shipmates die in fires and accidents, but thats just the risk of being a sailor. It was UK's finest hour since WW2, and although Afghan and Iraq have taken lives, Falklands you can say lives were lost for a morally correct and justified reason, whilst the lives lost in subsequent campaigns have been down to foreign policy failure, not withstanding the bravery of the guys and girls who have given those lives.
    Being a matelot can be a risky venture and we have all been party to some experience where oppos have come off dead, but Falklands stands out as an event where all who took part had no place to hide unlike nowadays (Bastion,Kandahar etc)
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  15. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Yup. That's how i read it too.

    We are heroes after Granby as well you know. For about a week. But then, that was such an esy war to fight. It was a fucking picnic. According to the news anyway.
  16. Mac I came home in 82 and believe me the feeling I got was fcuk me we kicked arse but as I get older I realise surprise we fcuking did it and gave this country a reason to celebrate and be proud once again. I did Gulf 1 and 2 but felt it was Blairs little attempt at being a world player but not a patch on Maggie (and I'm not a tory) I'm not brave by any means I shat myself but if someone said to me was it worth it compared to Gulf 1 and 2 fcuk aye.
    We got issued our duty free spriits at 0530 the morning we entered Pompey being killick of the mess I thought fcuk it liquid breakfast and everyone in the mess cracked open their duty free's I was pissed as a fart as we passed Spithead but the sight of thousands of people on Southsea seafront as we entered harbour will remain with me till the end of my days.
    No Yanks NATO or fcuking UN we did it, proud to serve but just a sad old cnut these days.
    Apologies for being a boring old twat
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  17. Stan having served with a few falkland veterans in my time more so on my first ship, I had learned nothing but respect. Still today I respect them even though their time is done.

    It upsets me when the today's generation know little of our past in the RN as much as they do of our current RN.

    I raise my glass to you Stan and the rest.

    Every turn of the shaft is a new adventure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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