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War Hero
Doh! get a new one then!

Go into your personal page, top left hand side, there is a section My Avatar.

Change it.

That will be £350 plus VAT please.
rosinacarley said:
Doh! get a new one then!

Go into your personal page, top left hand side, there is a section My Avatar.

Change it.

That will be £350 plus VAT please.


I just LOVE your new avatar. Can I buy it for a bit less as I returned the PO Stoker intact? :lol:


Found it on a free avatar site, but as it is you - you can have both the avatar and the PO Stoker back. He has gone into some kind of whinge-fest because my mother is arriving from Canada tomorrow and he has been instructed to tidy away all his [email protected] and look after the catties whilst we go travelling.

I thought he would come back a new man, in touch with his feminine side and a tad less grumpy, but alas your charm seems not to have rubbed off on him.

BTW, glad you are back from China.



War Hero
Get's it from 'er!!! She only likes the angry breed!

Typical woman - taking all our bloody cash though. Sheeeshh - and I'm always so nice to you.



whitemouse said:
Hi S_F


they have a few interesting ones.


Cheers "whitemouse", just down loaded a few foxy chick ones , so may change mine every so often , stop the boredom setting in , :lol: 8)


War Hero
Whitemouse - I missed your suggestion when you posted it and have [obviously] changed avatar since. Thanks for the tip though - I'll bear it in mind for when I change again.



War Hero
I had a trawl and found these.I am sure they will all fit the bill.(i know which one I would use)

I can resize these so they will fit your avatar spot if needed.
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