booze ban gosport - will it work??

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, Jan 22, 2007.

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  1. Booze ban poised to sober up louts
    A BOOZE BAN is on the cards to try to cut trouble on the streets.
    Gosport police want to ban alcohol from every road in the town by May to avoid another summer of trouble.
    Officers have been called to 247 street-drinking incidents since April last year and they say enough is enough.
    Initially, the ban will cover the Falklands Gardens, town centre and certain parks.
    But once it has started, police want to roll out a blanket ban covering every road in the borough.
    The order will let police fine or arrest anyone caught drinking alcohol in public.
    However, officers said they wouldn't target innocent couples or families having a bottle of wine on the beach or in a park.
    Town centre beat officer PC John Connelly said: 'We want to make people feel safe. We want to give these places back to the public from the drunken louts who think they've got the right to go down there and use it for drinking.
    'During the summer of last year it got worse, and that's being dealt with at the moment.
    'Because of the escalation, we've certainly got to do something.
    'The idea was to get an alcohol ban in place by the summer. It will be an effective power and I'm quite positive that it will be in place quite shortly.'
    The booze ban is being investigated by council officers, who are compiling maps of where the drinking has taken place.
    The proposal will then go to the council's policy and organisation board for approval before a vote at full council.
    Lib Dem leader Cllr David Smith said: 'I'm delighted that it's going ahead. It will do a lot to solve anti-social behaviour problems in the town.
    'I will put the pressure on now I know it's in the pipeline, and I'd like to see it done by the summer at the latest.'(taken from Mon pompey evening news)

    Will this work - how do you decide "an innocent couple"? & why would a family be drinking a bottle of wine in a park??!!
  2. Also, who exactly is going to enforce it?

    Gosport is hardly overflowing with police. Are they going to increase the number of PCSOs? We are well aware of the respect that the rodent chavs have for them.
  3. why would a family be drinking a bottle of wine in a park??!!

    I think it's called a picnic!

  4. doh? ok call dumb!!
  5. Remember, we're talking about Gosport here!

    Mum and 12 kids (from different fathers) in their best shellsuits and baseball caps, ripped to the t*ts on Thunderbird and Smack, in Walpole Park with a Whopper Meal between them!
  6. I don't think drinking in public should be banned. I think BEING in public should be banned.

    Thus everyone would have to drink indoors (which is what I do anyway) and all vandals, burglers, terrorists and public speakers would be shot on sight.

    Who needs to go out anyway? We have the interweb, cable telly, virtual experience, and Master Bation.... why do we need to go out at all?????

    OK, the sale of sun cream and umbrellas will slump... but pseudohappiness will prevail. It has to be worth giving up mobility for security.

    Vote statically.
  7. So what'll happen to the cafe culture with tables in the street that places like Nelsons have introduced over the last few years?
  8. Master Bation...? I think I may have rubbed him up the right way on more than one occassion... :wink: :lol:
  9. Living in a countythat has had a ban on drinking in public places for a good few years now it does not present a problem. Where there are well defined outdoor arears attached to pubs clubs restaurants etc these are part of thepremises and not a public space. Equally drinking on my boat in harbour is OK despite the fact the public can see me. What is does stop is yobs walking around town or a park or the beach drunk and continuing to drink,and it does improve the atmosphere. The down side is yes you cannot drink alcohol legaly whilst having a picnic in a public place, but you are less likely to be annoyed by the drunken yobs.
  10. Flippin eck Peter is drinkin in public not allowed in Fife then :shock:

    Bet the suicide bombers looked "innocent" eh!!

    geoff(ers) :???:
  11. Drinking in a public place is banned, not quite the same as drinking in public. Drinking in the cockpit of my boat is OK, drinking in the outside area of a pub or returant is OK but not on the beach in a park or in the street in general.
  12. That's REALLY stopped them drinking in public, hasn't it Peter?
    Yet another unenforceable law to ignore.
  14. Where I live (Coventry) we have had it for the last 10 years.
    It hasn`t stopped the larger louts from getting pissed and performing but it has stopped them drinking in the street and during the day shoppers are spared from trying to avoid some street drunk.
    It`s good, it`s tried and tested here and its effective.


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