Booty Walt?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by OneEyePI, Oct 3, 2008.

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  1. Hi Navy/Booty types.

    Interloper from arrse here in need of a bit of assistance.

    A guy on another forum has flagged a potential booty walter up to me. He claims to be ex Royals and sniper trained, and is using this to try to throw his weight about.

    He is the guy calling himself "Oblomov" on this link (his waltage occurs on page 6, second post):

    Here also is a sample of what he is claiming:

    "My credentials are that I'm an ex Royal Marine, sniper trained. I've forgotten more about shooting just about every type of weapon than you've ever learned, including the bow and arrow and catapult. I've spent more time shooting than you've spent on the lavatory."

    "You look through the scope, windage and elevation have been calculated, you're aware that on a dew laden morning the relative humidity can raise the breech pressure as the bullet leaves you rifle, from 20 tons per square inch to over 25, the cross hairs, line up on a man's head, relax, breath out, suspend breathing, and gently..... squeeze the trigger. His head jerks a small hard movement, a mist of something momentarily behind. I had to ID the first man I shot. He was on his back, eyes open; just a small almost insignificant purple mark on his cheek below his left eye. Didn't look much until we picked him up. The whole of the back of his head was missing; most of his brain blown out of the cavity. On a dawn ambush once, the only person visible to shoot at was the cook, up bright and early going about his chores. The whistle blew, and the cook's head exploded, a headless body hit the floor, from the crossfire."

    This strikes me as a load of old cock. What do you lot think?

    Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place btw.


  2. im sure i read that in a chris ryan book once haha
  3. He shot the cook???….he`s a feckin hero….saved a few lives there for sure…..

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  4. That sounds like something I wrote for my english GCSE.
  5. sounds like "sniper one" with his TA hat on
  6. Sounds like he's read too many novels.

    I work with a guy with the same traits. He gets caught every dit he tries. Don't know why they bother.
  7. I love a good delve.

    (Though not the original post I think)


    Gets about a bit. :toilet:

    I too like a nice pigeon pie.

    ps. This post from the PigeonShagging place seems to run along the same lines:-

    Ex-Booty? A hoop worshipping gaylord more like.

    Edit: no irony intended!

    This post has been edited by LEFTY478: Today, 09:41 AM
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  8. Yea ...... he`s one of them...the feckers are everywhere...

    Last month I got talking to an old boy of 75 in a yacht club and he told me his life story …how 40 years ago he had left a thriving business in Sweden that he had built up as an inventor and leaving his wife and kids he got in his 40 ft boat and sailed off around the world and he never went back …..some of his adventures were really interesting and he had my full attention and admiration for most of the evening…
    Then he started telling how he was at Ganges and got 24 strokes as he wouldn`t go right to the top of the mast..WTF…then he was at Britannia and passed out top of his class (of course) then he left after 2 years and got a job as a captain on a research vessel in the Antarctic….ect ect…

    I never told him I was in the mob but now when I see him I avoid him like the plague… Why do they do it??

  9. Because they can. Anyhow - here's some footage
    of ME being all tough and stuff. Can't stop and chat,
    off to Colombia to slot another High Profile member
    of the drug cartel...that'll be twenty-six to date. My
    wife just thinks I'm a grumpy ex-submariner with
    a boring office job....little does she know.
  10. The pigeon shooting site is where he was flagged up as a walter (Mne Mitty isnt a member there), the car one is the original post.

  11. billynomates that link to youtube says the vids been removed for misuse????
  12. Told you. I'm so deep-deep-deep undercover,
    they "Agency" had to slap a "D" Notice on it.

    My controller says I've got to go, There's a
    Stealth fighter waiting at Brize. Got 5 rounds
    in the clip....only need the one.

    Adios Muchachos.


    Do you think they'll let me into Colombia with
    just my Man from U.N.C.L.E. Identity Card?
  13. Dont forget to take your Johnny Seven with you :thumright:

    Good luck on your mission,I'm off to Alaska to wrestle Russian special forces but dont tell anyone as its a secret.
  14. I am Beowulf Agate.

    But keep it shtum ;)
  15. Good morning The Senior Service...

    Further int on Mne Mitty from the car forum: Here are some of Mne Mitty's posts/opinions (mostly about him and how 'cool' he is). Sorry if this is a bit long-winded, however, he is a waffling cnut. I have only edited it to make the formatting work and too address the most spesihul of his spelin erraws.

    Your comments on this guy and his imagination are most welcome. The original post is on page six (post #102) here:
    All the posts I have quoted can be found by a search for posts in the name of "oblomov" with keyword either "forces" or "marines".


  16. The only thing to me as irritating as the ever growing numbers of Walts these days are the ever so cheezy grinning civvies with no military background who are hunting them down. All we seem to get these days are threads started by c0cksucking civvies who have never even ventured into the cadets licking arrse to the members of the site whilst on a Walt hunt, either from meeting some dit spinning old codger in the pub to some guy who bullied them in cyber space.

    I read your post from start to finish and even went onto that website to have a peek and my conclusion is that the guy probably IS an ex Booneck with a bit of an imagination and some far fetched dits. Theres no damning evidence in this guy's boring posts to suggest otherwise. Being an ex Bootneck myself nowt would grip my sh1t more than a civvy calling me a Walt.

    Hows thats? Now fcuk off back to your cross stitching u smug cnut.
  17. I share your feeling about civy walt-hunter. However, I'm not one of them.

    OneEyePI and me are both ARRSErs and Ex Reg Army. The thread was posted here to allow some RM scrutiny of the bloke's claim/stories.

    lukep: You have my PM if you wish to check my service yourself. In your own time, crack on...
  18. Neck wound on suggesting you were a civvy.

    However i still reckon theres more than a good chace he is an ex booneck.

    Bring him over.
  19. My bold: He has been called out and invited to comment on this and the Arrse thread. He has declined to do so.

    My bold again: This is the sort of response I would expect from anyone that's genuine; now compare and contrast with the reply from "oblomov" before he went on radio silence.

    He's also a fan of 19th century Russian novels, it seems... >>Linky<<

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