Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dabbzie, Jan 23, 2010.

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  1. hi guys
    are these the type of boot we will be issued at basic??

    military boots
  2. Linky no worky 8O
  3. sorry link doesnt work

    please click on homepage the select army boots then the Assault boot. £24.95 is that the boot we'll end up wearing??
  4. Yes they are.
  5. do you think it might be worth buying a pair
    A) to practice polishing/bulling
    B) to train/run in them?
  6. I haven't even done my RT and I would say yes
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  8. ???????? Why pay for them if you are going to get issued a pair????????
  9. Always keep a spare pair highly polished saves stress and trauma and gains you brownie points. Try polishing a pair of wet muddy boots and you will know what I am aiming at.
  10. And where would you intend to "hide" this spare pair from the Div staff?
  11. hmm I would have thought a extra pair of boots would be a bonus.

    One for drill and one for getting muddy. As long as both pairs are broken in properly and your rough pair polished and cleaned regularly why would you have to hide them?

    I know both the Army and the RAF actually reccomend you do this before thier Recruit Training - why would the navy be different?
  12. Because it's the Royal Navy not the crabs or pongos. :oops:
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  14. So now we are into hiding boots are we. How the world has changed?
  15. You used to get issued two pairs. One you kept for drill and one pair for doing the dirty stuff in which you still have to keep as clean.

    So don't bother buying. Just wait to get issued the boots.

  16. I would still buy a spare pair best to have a couple broke in.
  17. Thats an idea then you would have a pair you prepared earlier and a bit more time for other things (OH and also a spare pair) :D :)
  18. I have two pair of boots :D

    One pair in the UK. One pair in Ireland. Always best having two pair. :D
  19. For heaven's sake people!

    You will be issued two pairs of boots. They are often uncomfortable, but get better. IF you have very bad feet you may get a biff chit for a slightly different pair to fit your clown feet.

    When you finish you can go out and buy proper boots (I have 2 pairs of Altbergs which are the business, but my issued I use for normal work).

    In the meantime, if you have an overwhelming desire to spend money go out and buy a couple of good supportive insoles; those made by 'SOLE' are excellent and you get 30% discount for forces. You may need to go up 1/2 a size to fit some insoles, but it is well worth the money, and can save your knees.

    Happy? Good, now fuck off.
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  20. Meindl Borneo my fave price £170 if anybody has a smaller price someplace do let me know I am skint at the moment and need a new pair in the UK

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