Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Ben_C, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. Alright lads, got Smack course next week and some MCT detatchments soon, fancy some new boots as pussers are gash and make me shins hurt so thought i'd ask here as you lot wear them all the time.

    Been looking and I can't afford Lowa's to be honest, so going to have to make do with something less than £100. Bates Falcons look alright but I know **** all about boots so any advice? Got to be waterproof too as I don't fancy 18 hours a day with wet feet.

    Chars me dars.
  2. Think you know the answer to this mate. Save up and buy the best you can afford. Lundhags and danners were a personal favourite of mine and lasted donkies!!!
  3. HiTec Magnums aren't bad for under 100 note.
  4. To be fair, they look and sound gash from what i've heard.
  5. It might be as simple as trying decent footbeds inside the pussers boots, that made a big difference for me.

    But otherwise I'd agree with XRD, it's worth the money for Lowa. ETA having f*cked my knees and ankles quite badly in my time in the mob I'd seriously advocate spending the money on good footwear, I can't put a value on the absence of pain.

    FWIW Magnums get slated on ARRSE, might be worth a skim through the various boot threads in the QMs area there.
  6. I use hi-leg magnums for work and they are generally okay although i wouldn't have chosen to use them on exercise as they are a bit too flexible at the heal and ankle. Horses for course mate if your not doing any load carrying and want a fairly comfy pair of boots then they are okay!!
  7. Superfeet or Sorbothane footbeds are the way forwards. In response to magnums, again its down to the type of job you do. As i've mentioned, i wouldn'y be wearing them on ops as they are a bit too flimsy
  8. I'm an AE on Junglie circuit so could be doing anything from norway to afghan.. I know pusser has upgraded the desert boots now so not too fussed about them, just for doing MCT, smack and general wearing when in my greens as my others give me shit.
  9. Totally agree with you Jim. I'm of the Scarpa and Berghaus Yeti gaiters school of Royal. In fact i still use my Yeti attacks with a pair of Scarpa Nepals for summer mountaineering use. Adding Goretex into footwear is IMO bloody useless as the material is designed to breathe and becomes clogged with dirt etc rendering them useless.

    I've never worn them but Lowas seem extremely popular these days, failing that a pair of Danners get my vote but save your cash and spend wisely.

  10. If you can pick up a pair for what Jimbo says, that's got to be your best bet no?
  11. Cotsworld camping and some other camping shops give you 10% if you are forces so you might be able to get your Scarpas or Lowas. Also as mentioned Hi-tec, Oakleys and Addidas makes some good military boots, but not really as hard wearing as the others mentioned.
  12. Your only doing the SMAC course so you won't exactly be going off Mountain training. Pusser will issue you with something for the course but not sure what.

    If you reaaly need good boots go for Lowa, or Danner (IMHO), you could also ask around VL as I'm sure that a few of the guys will have boots they have never had out of the box!
  13. They don't issue anything, got all my kit now. Gonna go for the bates I think. I just want something for future use.
  14. If you are interested I've a pair of Lowa's (almost new) size 9.
  15. I'm a 10 unfortunately mate!
  16. No worries..
  17. Magnums are only good for BFT's and mincing around camp if trainers are your thing.

    Scarpas destroyed my heels and i binned them after a couple of weeks.

    You can't go cheap on boots mate, LOWAS are the dogs Sniggers and will last you forever, I donned a pair 2 days before mountain training and did'nt even get one blister. I seriously endorse them they are the best boots I ever owned by a long shot. Knock 1 run ashore of your list and fork out you tight cnut.
  18. Bates!! Very cack, see you in sickbay...
  19. I use to use Lowas for mountain training, yomping etc, but used Addidas GSG-9 boots for round camp, BFTs etc, i have also used oakleys for Afgan which were really good, even better than the Mendals that are issued. To be honest its all personal prefence but you cant go wrong with Lowas.
  20. Argh you bastards, gonna have to take it in the arse and get some then!

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