Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by rugger_bob, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. Bit daft, asking this, but I have tried everywhere to get a set of parade boots, current RN issue, does anyone know any decent shops, either on the net, or one i could phone up and they could send me the info.

  2. Dont you get issued with them?
  3. No they dont issue them, to RNR personel, could you please describe the combat boot, is it the same as the booties use ?
  4. New or used?

    Standard issue assault boots RB, as issued to everyone who can't get issued the gucci ones :)
  5. New, bit of a snob! :lol: , As for Gucci assault boots, do they make them with a nice gold trim around the toe cap and heel ?? :D

    Do you have any idea were I can get them from and what is the average spend on a decent pair of assault boots, without the Gucci trim!.

  6. Cheers Matey is that your own business ? or is it Ebay ?
    Looking to place an order later this week when I get paid.

  7. Yer right, bet your name is Arthur :D
  8. That's the ones, although mine didn't have a seg on the toe, just at the heel.

    Took ages to get them bulled initially.
  9. Ok, just being nosy here, but why are you looking to BUY a pair of parade boots ?
    If for an RNR Unit guard, you'll get issued combats.
    If for e.g. RN guard at Cenotaph, you'll get temp loan of old style parade boots.
  10. Have you tried Silverthieves, er sorry, Silvermans ?
  11. Don't like getting foot infections !!!!!!!!!!
  12. Silvermans is where I got mine, they call them Ammo boots.
  13. That's what I got, a pair of each, still got both somewhere.

    The worst thing about those is that if you had to wear puttees with them, took you ages to get yourself ready at the bottom of the stairs (no boots on the deck upstairs) and when you finally had got them on and tiddly you'd discover you'd left your beret on you bunk!!!!

    Youngsters these days got it so easy with combat boots and trouser twisties!!!!!
  14. Trouser Twisties ???

    WTF are they?
  15. They are elasticated and have hooks on the end and for wrapping round your bell bottoms. Bit I guess Sir will not have to worry about such things ;)
  16. I could sell you a pair of parade boots that will need (slightly) less work, but if you're sure.

    As to the standard ones, I might have a new pair somewhere in the house, I have the gold trim versions ;)

    What size are you?

  17. I remember it well. Those were the days. NOT!
  18. Phil,

    Do you have the address/contact details for silvermans.

  19. Navy parade boots do not have toe caps. Neither did the Army as late as the Great War, according to one source of mine. Boots with toecaps and studs as worn by the army , ammunition boots, are worn by GIs but not by any other matlots.

    The correct parade boots now are high leg combats, as issued. Make sure you have at least a size 3 anklet to fit over them. It is correct to say that the November Sports personell are isued with a loan pair of old style parade boots. Always ritualy damaged by the previous owner! Clean socks and the fact that they have not been worn for 11 months should protect the wearer from foot infections.

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