Daft question, maybe, but do you get boots/shoes at Raleigh in half sizes? I only ask because at HMS Cally i wanted 5 1/2 and got a 6. Now i know this is most likely because they only have so many to go around and i wasn't the only one with large boots, but i'm curious because i've just got my Raleigh self-measurement form. I want 5/12 if possible, but if not, then 5, not 6. They seem to come up big anyway.

Any help appreciated.
What difference does it make?
If they DON'T do them in half sizes, you can't just put on a pair of Nikes instead! :roll:
I was wearing three pairs at Cally :) Really i just don't want something as daft as too large boots to interfere with drill- which they did at the RNAC. My feet kept dragging off the floor and i kept kicking people because i didn't know where my toes were :oops:

If they don't do half sizes, that's ok, i just need to know so i can put something else on my measurement form.
hi snappers
boots and shoes come in size (what ever size you need) then small, meduim or large
so if you have size 5 1/2 then you will either have a size 6 small or meduim or a size 5 large, I am a size 5 meduim. I am a normal size 5 but have a broad feet so I normaly have to get size 5 1/2 shoes or boots.
one way of checking I know this is cheeky but go into an army surplus store with a tick pair of socks and try on a size 5 med or lrg or even a size 6.
hope this helps


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Call yourself a boxer ! Your a puff sort it out .Tuck your chin in ,and your exposeing your body there tuck your elbows in as well.
Thanks ship_rat. I do have narrow feet, but there isn't a 'small' option on my sheet, only medium. I'll go for size 5 then, thank you.
yeah I saw that too, I checked that, as i am a 5 meduim i had to circle the large on the form.
I would check with the army surplus store, trust me get the wrong boots and you will know about it,( painfull yrs of experance with ill fitting boots!) I think you will get a way with a 5 large if not a 6 small, but i would definately get it checked.
ps if you need a 6 small circle the med part of the form.


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Spot on snapdragon I am welsh and a little punch drunk because it took me years of boxing to reralise I was crap. Your answer was a good one . Keep up with the boxing in the RN as well. Oh ref the boots always go up a size never go down a size otherwise you will have sore feet. RN training is hardly tough anyway
. Enjoy!
What's the boxing like in the RN? I've never done western boxing, the punches are much faster than Thai ones. The techniques are a little different.

I'm a little torn on the boots issue, the size 6 at the RNAC was over the top, they shook around on my feet, i was always tripping up!

Edit: PS. Sorry for calling you English, can we have it in Welsh? ;)

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