Boots on the Other foot.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Mar 11, 2010.

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  1. The Joys of Justice!
  2. How sad...or desperate have you to be to contemplate doing such a low life job? in 'Jimmy nae pals'
  3. There is a God after all!!!!!!!!!!

    Whay annoys me council tax if you default twice you have to pay the lot or the bailiff pops round. So you are struggling to pay your council tax how the feck are you supposed to pay the lot if you canna pay it monthly. Then of course you owe more with the bailiff's fee on top.
  4. It might surprise you to know that in England in 2008, councils made in excess of £200million just on what they add on to the court fees for defaulting on CT. The cost to them for each summons is £3 (pounds three)

  5. Council Tax and the threatening letters -----all you do is ring them and arrange a way of paying to bring your account up to date .Any offered amount is acceptable --pay it over 20 years !!
    The big you owe us the total amount is a frightener --however if you do
    let it go to court you will end up paying the court costs.
    If you don't pay then the ''bailiffs '' come around and do a survey of your
    valuables for sale purposes to get the amount owed.
    They can't sell your house !

    Guy I knew used to buy his stuff back at warrant sales -- :lol: :lol:
    he'd be the only buyer!

  6. Classic Mail reporting.

    A Renault van?

    Try again :roll:
  7. That's not quite right about the payments. They will come to an arrangement, but it will have to be what they want. If you don't agree to that then they can either send in the bailiffs (they cannot break in) or make an attachement of earnings so your boss will pay the council direct from you wages.

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