Boots for mountaineering, & ML Qualification

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by lewismansell, May 19, 2010.

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  1. I'm looking to get my Mountain Leader qualification over the Summer (hoping to start training in September), and was told by someone recently that they knew of an ex-RM who did Mountain Leader training in the Lake District. Does anyone have any details for him at all? I've had a look on the Mountain Leader websites and can't find anything relevant.

    Also, are there any military boots out there which would be any good for Summer yomping and also a bit of scrambling, that would be available in a surplus store?
  2. Good old Steamers!!!

    Man Up!!!
  3. Get yourself a good pair of civvy boots. Go to a good outdoor retailer and try lots of different boots on and seek advice from someone that knows what they're talking about (avoid Millets like the plague!).

    My personal preference has always been for Salomon, easily the most comfortable boots I've had.
  4. I've already got 2 pairs of Goretex lined Mammut boots (one for Summer, one crampon-compatible for Winter), just wondered if the RM-ML guys used a military standard boot or just civvy ones?
  5. Can't speak for RM MLs, being a submariner and not knowing many, but my trusty Salomons got me through my ML course (AT ML training is NOT the same as a Royals ML course!) and all the instructors at Indefatigable were wearing civvy boots.
  6. I've used Lowas, as with many other bootnecks, never had any problems with them. Always done the job for me.
  7. For summer ML you just need a good pair of civvy footwear mate. I agree with the other comments that you dont need pussers boots for the course. Personally I wear Scarpas as they suit me best but if I was you I would try on different makes as they all vary in some shape or form.

    Or you could just use your Mammut boots as they are perfectly fine for what you are going to be doing!!

    P.M me if you need any help/advice
  8. Get yourself over to ARRSE. In the 'QMs - Clothing and Equipment' forum are a multitude of threads dedicated to boots. Lowas seem to be excessively popular.
  9. Oh yeah, I know that, just wana get something hard-wearing as my Summer boots are on their way out at the moment.
  10. MMmmm, Bridgedale Trecker socks.

    Lable concious heemers!
    Pussers ski March Boots and Mountain Boots always did it for me. Still the civvy equivalents weren't much better, so saved me pennies for Berghaus Bergans, wet weather gear and other such Yomping porn of yesteryear!
  11. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Yep. Lowas. The footwear of the Gods. I love the things.
  12. Styx Jimbo always swears by these:

  13. You'll be spinning dits about your Normark and your Norgy sweater next... :roll: :D
  14. I always stick to Meindl Borneo Cotswold Clothing are giving ramblers members a 20% discount voucher until the middle of June could be a spare voucher about someplace. I have tried many boots Meindl are my fave.
  15. You had better dust yours down mate if were going to play out over there!!!

    I appreciate you cant actually go but i thought i would comment anyway!!!

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