Boots at BRNC

Righto, just a thought that's popped into my mostly empty, student like mind - if I am so fortunate as to get a place at BRNC this September, what are the rules there concerning the ex-TA type who has gucci comfortable Altberg boots and wants to cut about in them because issue boots tear his stupid narrow feet to shreds?

Basically, whats BRNC's view on non-issue kit - I know Sandhursts view is none at alol, does that hold true for BRNC?

I didn't put this in Newbies because I thought it was a bit too irrelevant for that. Apologies to the mods if I have done a bad thing.
Not sure why this has gone to the Gash Barge unless it is a bite- BRNC is a training establishment- what do you think? You wear what you're issued, creating UNIFORMity.
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