Bootnecks gatecrash party

LOL I'd love to know what a Taliban 'knees-up' consists of ... the mind boggles ... blowing up bits of historic architecture or stoning a few people to death maybe ..

answers on a postcard please ... on second thoughts ...

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Two bloodthirsty revellers trying to creep towards Our Boys in a trench were spotted by thermal-imaging equipment – and targeted with a Javelin heat-seeking missile.

The £65,000 rocket – designed to stop Soviet tanks – locked on to their body heat and tore more than a kilometer across the desert in seconds.
What's the betting that the news will have ruined the New Year for some miserly treasury barsteward!

I wonder what was the last thing to go through the terrs' minds, apart from their a**e holes?


Daktari said:
What's Rag Head for "Oh Sh*t!"

I think it's "Allah akbar, allah akbar, shiiiiiiittttttttt"

Just getting the political incorrectness out of my system before the New Year's Resolutions set in!
Poor Talebanites. There they are eating beef kebabs, feeling happy for the first time in their lives and sipping excessively sweet tea and suddenly they become the barbecue. Three minutes later and they're in Gronk Paradise (Taliban Hell) and the Virgin Gronks remind them that HELL does exist, and they're in it..... for eternity. :biggrin: :lol:


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Brilliant, now you know what Litotes means. Body count? We ought to be chopping the heads off and bringing them in for id. And then burning the rest so there are no weepy waily funeral shenanigans. Anyway Royal performing at his flawless best.
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