Bootnecks and Para Helmets!

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by watch_and_shoot, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. This is something I have seen more and more of in video footage of Royal in Ghanners. Blokes wearing Para Helmets!!

    Now to be fair they are lighter, more comfortable, higher cut at the back so better when firing from the prone position and are obvioulsy cleared for field firing and Operations (which raises the question - why dont all troops get issued them instead of the MK6??)

    The thing is, the Booties I have seen wearing them have a scrim net over the top and a black ruber band around the bottom holding it in place a-la Airborne!!

    Is this normal and Ive just never seen it before, or has the situation/conditions in Afghanistan had some bearing on this?


  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Are you sure it's Royal and not the Paras?
  3. Thought the para helmet was in a world of its own compered to the nodding donkey piss pots booties where issued in the seventies
  4. Definitely Royal mate!!

    Ive seen a few lads wearing them recently which is understandable - they are far superior to the MK6. It was more the scrim and rubber band that got me?!?!?!

    A great bit of footage of Operations in Afghanistan. Look at the RM officer at around 4mins 30 secs for an example of the Para helmet.

  5. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    are you not getting confused with the Mk 6A????

    Where's Deeps when you need him??
  6. Possibly mate, but I dont think so. Im sure the MK6A still has the visible extensions on the side of the helmet where your ears are. The Para helmet doesnt!!

    Regardless its still the scrim net and rubber band that threw me. I was always under the impression this was trademark Airborne.

    Para helmet:

  7. Yes,

    Royal are wearing para helmets, though the chain of command is now doing its best to ban them, and make everyone were the 6A.

  8. If the para helmet is so much better than the standard issue helmet then why not issue it across the board and what is the point in the scrim net and rubber band?
  9. The MK 6A is the issued one for operations for both Army and RM .Its identicle in shape to the MK 6 however its black and has a much higher level of ballistic protection than the green MK 6. As for ganners,not to sure on the scoop re the para helmet.Given the choice I would opt for the MK6a everytime.Paras seem to insist on looking''ally'' and airbourne .And they treat there attached arms like crap.
  10. Cheers Deeps

    Ive seen the MK6a (looks wierd in black) and have heard its balistic protection makes it a far superior helmet to the MK6. I believe its much more comfortable too and would think the lmesh ining on the inside will be far better in the desert heat.

    I have worn the old Mk6 and a Para Helmet and found the difference in the two to be unbelieveable!! If the MK6a offers the protection of the MK6 and the comfort of the Para Helmet, then its a great step up for the blokes!!

  11. just wannabes - obviously seen a para and thought it looked good - no reason to do it - just like the look of it
  12. I can put rest to this. When our coy (J) took over from the paras at FOB Price we got ordered too as part of a deception plan so the locals down in gereshk wouldn't notice the handover. It didn't really work and i found it a pain in the arse as it got caught on things in the back of the viking and took it off. Oh and the sgt at the start of that video is actually a 2lt.

    Your not allowed to use para helmets out there but lads do anyway. Except maybe the paras.
  13. Out of interest why would the commanders not want the Afghans to realize there had been a change over?
  14. Same reason as you would see Green lids hanging from trees in XMG when you took over your Banner tour, Locals know the score and always try their best to sh1t you up. To try and show solidarity and continuity would be another reason or so not to show the locals that "new guys" were in town and not to try anything funny.

    Much respect for any Royal or Para who has been to the 'Stan.
    New men old standards.
  15. Thanks for the reply. Seems as though they could just log onto MOD website and its posted all over there where different units are headed. That is if the Taliban are as organized as Al Qaeda!
  16. Helmet recognition is not a hobby of mine but the fastening on the helmet above is that of a Mk6/6A.

    The para helmet may be more comfortable than the 6A but it does not offer the same ballistic protection (same material but thinner, shaped for parachuting, etc). Surely the latter, as with the Osprey, is the be all and end all of personal protection equipment. Although we read relatively often (see ArRSe) of the superiority of the para helmet are there any instances where an individual can catergorically state that he was not able to .... because he was wearing a Mk 6A? Obviously I would expect a particular section of the "community" to have strong views but what about anyone else? If there are instances, is it not an indication that the shape rather than weight /protection of the Mk6A needs to be looked at?

    Saw some more video of a J Coy op recently, equally impressive. Well done.

  17. As a former RM - not wishing to Hi-jack the thread by any means - but the whole helmet issue should be reviewed by the RM. There has NEVER been a suitable helmet for the RM on general issue - call me 'picky' but there has been ample opportunity since 1664 for this to be addressed - can't what was once called Log Ops do something - or are they all civvies too these days
  18. I asked my recruiting sergeant if I could have a burberry coloured helmet to wear on ops.
  19. Anyone wishing to see a malformed and rather small helmet, Spartan has posted a picture of his diminutive pecker here;

    So, please, no ****** comments to poor Spartan, because upon inspection of that piece of Fishing Bait, it's obvious that he can't.

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