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Alrite ladsI left the corps in 2010 served 6 years but i joined when i was 16 so 4 man years when i left i could have got the 4 year signing on bonus. My question is if i re join will i still get the signing on bonus? And how would that work if i joined RMR?Also if i re joined does anyone know if i would still have to be in the sigs branch?Any info would be a massive help i cant go in to the AFCO im in New Zealand.Cheers lads
You know the score Royal. They'll feed you all manner of lies and promises. As soon as you have drawn your kit and shaped your lid, next stop......... Sigs lines!

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The retention/commitment bonus is only paid if you stay in, so is not applicable after a break in service unfortunately.

Those joining before 2005, will have their former service deducted from the new AFPS 2005, 18 year contract.

Pension is best advised & confirmed by a pensions expert, but generally previous accrued pension remains preserved, but you would rejoin & start afresh on the AFPS 2005 scheme if you join the regular service.

For RMR, as I'm sure you're aware, you don't have any pension unless taken-on full-time contracts & those joining the RMR need to be UK residents.

The RM Requirements Manager will advise the terms and conditions under which you would be permitted to rejoin & what, if any, SQ you will be employed.
You can get your old pension amalgamated with your new one. I'm a rejoin myself and didn't find this out till after 10 months of being back in. It's just a case of writing a letter stating your intentions to the pensions division. For further information contact JPAC, I found them more useful that UPO.
I found UPO a nightmare regarding me rejoing especially back dated pay, and dive pay ( retention pay) Only after 10 months of pestering them, took my complaint through the divisional system then things got a move on.
I found all UPO's useless regarding me and having rejoined. Not one sang from the same hymn book.

It's taken two years to get my jpa looking like it is supposed to however I'm still chasing things now. Most of it I done myself going around the UPO's as most couldn't answer my questions nothing to do with pensions.

I've lost count of the amount of times I've spent telling the UPO's to check my old doc's under my old service number because they wouldn't believe half the stuff I was telling them

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The only advice i can give you is this - Primark do a good, cheap range of off the shoulder cocktail dresses. They are no longer issued.


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As an ex bootneck I'd expect him to have proffed some of the better bits of kit like off the shoulder dresses when he left.

"You can take the man out of the Marines but you cant take the Marine out of the dress"
Thought I'd jump in on this post as I am also thinking of rejoining the Corps. I'm in the RMR now but getting accurate advice on rejoining seems hard to come by there.
Ninja Stoker made the following comment which has left me wanting to clarify something; "Those joining before 2005, will have their former service deducted from the new AFPS 2005, 18 year contract."
I did 5 years in the Corps joining in 2005 but on the 75 pension scheme due to 3 previous years in the army (2 of which were from age 16). I'm not that interested in the pension aspect but want to know how long a new contract would be for if I did rejoin. Would I sign a new 18 year contract, 18 years less the years already served or is it the old 22 year contract less the years already served?
Basically if you were on the old 22 year contract you won't be this time round. Your time done previously will be taken into account when signing on the current 18 year contract. If you have already done 5 years you will only have 13 left to do. However you will have 5 years preserved pension on the old scheme and 13 years when time done on the current scheme. Therefore you won't leave on a full pension only two preserved pensions.

You can either stay with that option or transfer the 5 years preserved over when you rejoin to the current scheme ( you have 12 months to do this in) so when you are time done you leave with a whole pension scheme not two preserved ones

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Yeah there is that. Things are changing in 2015 pensions wise. What I said it what it currently is

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