Bootneck hero throws himself on grenade...


War Hero
Times Online

Balls the size of mellons.

Good work fella, well worth a Herbet Lott I feel :thumright:

The story is well written, however my room seems to be very smoky and some dust got in my eye.


War Hero
One can only hope, given the absolute boll*cks made of the non-awards for the Commandos that flew on the outside of the Apache Helicopter rescue attempt, despite the plethora of DFCs & MC's for the Army counterparts involved, that some chinless wonder gets it right with regard appropriate awards this time.

Given the appalling record of recognition so far, doubtless some fat-arse non-combatant in Whitehall will get knighted on his behalf, when he returns from his next pointless overseas jolly.

Yep, you know who you are.
Got to hand it to the lad I think there's a very small number of people that would do a thing like that! And he's not the only one that deserves a VC. Sgt Liepa mentioned in the same article is another one
As shag shacker said - a braver man than me
I spent 5 years on commando sqdns 80 -84 with 845 & 846 at Yeovilton and have nothing but the best respect for bootnecks, but this MAN!! gets my upmost praise, I would feel very humbled just to buy him a beer. Men like this show just what our young servicemen and women do in the name of of Great Britain, It is a pity our goverment treats them like S**T while they spend our money fighting to cover up their vast expense claims.
A very pissed of ex WAFU


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Truly amazing. I sure hope he gets his well deserved VC.

P.S on a humouristic note ,as someone said on ARRSE; he being a reservist,it must have happend in the weekend. :giggle:
I feel proud when I read of such things and the special type of service person we produce.
I have no doubt other forces have the same[a few USA men did the same fighting the Japs and were awarded the Con.Medal of honour] I hope he gets our VC.
You see it in films and wonder how you would react in the same situation,I have no doubt I would cry and look for my mother so I am in awe of all who display such courage.Good luck to him I'm sure when awarded he will be in good company with all the other desk bound MOD staff getting theirs at the same time! that's meant to be sarcastic!
Good luck Mate.
toycommandos said:
Any idea of how said chap is?
According to the article he is absolutely fine apart from a bloody nose due to his body armour and daysack taking the force of the explosion. Anyway mate you should know that us Rubbers are flexible!!

Edited to note that said Bootneck is a reservist serving with 40 CDO in case you didn't know!! :thumright: :thumright:
Nice one, Royal. You've done the daggers and all RM proud. BZ also to Capt Venables for setting up the ambush, Sgt Lieper for outstanding enemy locating drills (CGC at least) and Mne Ogden for doing what medics do best. There is a picture of L/Cpl Crouncher with said daysack in the News of the World. Warning: The links to Times and NoW are extremely busy at the moment.
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