Bootneck Gladiator!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by FNUSNU, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. I bet when it comes to the padded stick fighting, he get's naked or puts on a dress!!
  2. coo! he could wear my knickers anything!
  3. Looks like he already is :pukel:

  4. Imagine if there was a Para competitor, bet the banter wouldn't make onto TV! Could result in the first Gladiator death as unit pride takes over!!
  5. Well if theres a naked roll mat fighting round. He should win hands down.
  6. Looks like he is missing his Surf Board if you ask me.

  7. GO for it Royal...what's the betting his competitive edge takes over though and there be a few tears before bo bo's!
    AVE IT!
  8. Obviously a fan of Royal then SELJUK!!

  9. More egotistical rubbish on our televisions once again eh? :)
  10. To be absolutely honest SF I do admire the way the lads put themselves in harms way out in The Stan and Iraq often for little or no recognition. Look at the way the Septics have gone overboard about their SEAL operator throwing himself onto a grenade to save his mates, he died. A very brave thing to do and may he RIP. One of our RMR lads does it and our bloody Government responds as if to say 'yes, well done old chap, always knew he would you know'.
    I've got a cousin in the Paras and he's always banging on about how the Royals always seem to catch the publics attention whereas they do just as much dangerous stuff blah blah blah. I tell him they've got better PR and he says there may be something in that! However he doesn't like the 'a RM is a thinking mans Para' dig!
    Mind you if a Para was to take part in that Gladiators lark then there really would be blood on the carpet. Both the Green and the Reds play for keeps and I'm glad the're on our side!
  11. Strangely you don't seem at all surprised by that Brigham.

  12. No, I don't and why should I be?
  13. IIRC, the first ever episode of the "old" Gladiators had an ex Para against an ex Bootie. For the life of me I can't recall who won. Age ...grumble ...
  14. Does that mean you'd be wearing the PO Stoker's well used, swafega impregnated ones instead?
  15. ..........or the ones with the brass studs....on the inside! :thumright:
  16. I recall that the Para won, by a gnats testicle.

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